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Using these 10 shooting methods, you can take beautiful photos of flowers and plants. How many have you mastered?

2022-11-27 04:00:00 [Share Photography ]
Using these 10 shooting methods, you can take beautiful photos of flowers and plants. How many have you mastered?

The subject of flower and grass photography is a subject that many photographers like to shoot. It is also a friend of many beginners, a subject used to improve their shooting skills. Because it is convenient to shoot flowers and plants, you can take photos anywhere, and you can also get good practice in terms of shutter combination, light and shadow use, composition methods, color matching, etc. As we all know, shooting flowers and plants, in the visual performance of the works, will pursue aesthetic visual effects. Shooting flowers and plants with beautiful visual effects is also the direction that flower and grass photography enthusiasts have been pursuing. A friend who likes to take pictures of flowers and plants asked me how to make the pictures of flowers and plants very beautiful, so that the viewer can feel the pleasing visual effect. As for aesthetic performance, its subjectivity is relatively strong, and different photographers have different expression ideas and methods. Here, based on my own shooting experience, I will share the 10 performance methods I have summarized, and learn and discuss with everyone to achieve the goal of common progress. First: Understanding of aesthetic visual effects To shoot aesthetic visual effects, you must first have a certain degree of understanding of aesthetics. If you don’t know what aesthetics are, you will definitely have no direction when shooting. The aesthetic I understand is that I want to photograph the subject as beautifully as I want. The pursuit is a kind of absolute beauty, a kind of beauty that does not exist in reality. Aestheticism requires the aesthetic awareness of the photographer and the viewer to realize it together. Second: To have a certain aesthetic awareness and observation ability Since aesthetics is the pursuit of an absolute beauty, then we must have a certain aesthetic awareness, or a higher aesthetic awareness. With a certain awareness of aesthetics, under the action of observation ability, we can realize the aesthetics of flowers and plants, and take beautiful pictures of flowers and plants. Third: To express any flower or grass from the beauty of the shape of the flower and grass has its beauty in shape, and it is also a very intuitive visual factor. Therefore, it is a very direct way for the photographer to find an aesthetic expression way from the shape of the flower and grass. This requires us, when choosing the main elements, to find flowers and plants that are unique in shape and durable for shooting. Fourth: From the beauty of texture details of flowers and plants to express any flowers and plants, whether it is on the petals or on the veins, there will be very beautiful textures. We can use the macro expression method to shoot the texture details on the flowers and plants. There is a strangeness in the visual sense, which forms a rare visual beauty. Fifth: The choice of shooting angle to achieve aesthetic performance from the shooting angle is very important in flower and grass photography, and it is also an important way to achieve aesthetic performance. The viewing angles in the three-dimensional space are different, so the visual effects presented on the two-dimensional plane are also completely different. Therefore, when we are shooting, we must observe more and find very special angles. Sixth: From the ingenious light and shadow to realize the beautiful visual light and shadow In the shooting of flowers and plants, it is the core factor of shaping the beauty. No matter what expressive method we are, the use of light and shadow must be the focus. Therefore, use the characteristics of light and shadow strength, light and shade, and cold and warm to shape the unique beauty of flowers and plants. Seventh: To achieve aesthetic performance from visual contrast In the previous article, the method of visual contrast realization was explained in detail. For example, the contrast between the virtual and the real, the contrast between the curves and the straight, the contrast between the density and the density, the contrast between the light and the dark, the contrast of the bright gray, etc., use these contrast methods to make the picture produce the beauty of rhythm. Therefore, contrast is also an important way to achieve aesthetics. Eighth: From the layout of the screen elements to achieve the aesthetic expression of the screen elements The layout of the screen elements is also what we often say about the composition and the way of layout, which has a direct impact on the aesthetic visual effect. The layout will be based on the shape, size, color and other factors of the flowers and plants. The purpose is to achieve a visual balance between the positive and negative spaces, so as to produce a harmonious beauty. Of course, it is also an important way to achieve aesthetic vision. Ninth: From the color matching of elements to achieve aesthetic expression, color matching is still a very important visual expression element in flower and grass photography. Harmonious and unified color matching is also an important direction to achieve aesthetics in terms of visual experience. Therefore, we must consider the beauty of the rhythm of light and shade, fresh gray, cool and warm, and light and heavy. Tenth: From the expression of the artistic conception of the picture to realize the aesthetic expression The artistic conception expression of shooting flowers and plants can be expressed in many ways, such as tranquility, Zen, incompleteness, etc. This is also an aesthetic realization method. It is a deep-level expression method, which requires The photographer's more imagination can be realized. Of course, it also needs more imagination of the audience to feel this beauty. To sum up, aesthetic expression is highly subjective. To take pictures of flowers and plants very aesthetically, not only must we have a high aesthetic awareness and observation ability, but also in terms of the method of realization, we still need to carry out the process from form to content. think deeply. (Welcome to like, comment, favorite, and forward)
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