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Want to make your photos more visually appealing? These 6 Photography Tips You Can't Ignore

2023-01-29 11:19:46 [Photography art]
Want to make your photos more visually appealing? These 6 Photography Tips You Can't Ignore

I believe that many photography enthusiasts have had this experience. After a period of photography practice, the operation on the equipment is basically proficient, and they can take photos with accurate exposure, but they always feel that their photos are too ordinary and lack new ideas. . So how can you take photos with more visual impact? Here are 6 tips, hoping to inspire you.

1. Take advantage of attractive light

The importance of light cannot be overemphasized for a good photo, especially landscape photography. Generally speaking, the time around sunrise or sunset, when the sun is relatively soft and the colors are the most abundant in the day, is the best time for landscape photography. Of course, different light can also produce different effects. For example, a desert shot in side light can better highlight the lines of the dunes.

2. Very prominent subject

Sometimes a photo doesn't need to contain a lot of objects, after all, photography is the art of subtraction. Choose a simple background, paired with a prominent subject, and you can make a great photo. Of course, other technical means can also be used to highlight the subject. For example, the lotus flower in the picture below was taken by adding a 10x external telephoto lens to the mobile phone. The original complex background is blurred with a shallow depth of field, so that the subject lotus flower is more prominent, and it also adds a soft atmosphere to the photo. The two photos below highlight the subject through the contrast between light and dark. This photo was taken on Ginkgo Avenue outside the east wall of the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing. This car should have been ridden by a photographer. It seems that someone is arguing about a camera in the distance, but this side is relatively quiet, the sun just hits it, and the background is in shadow, so there is this photo. Of course, the subject can also be in shadow. For example, the photo above is also very beautiful. It's just that I can't remember who the author of this photo is. It should be a student in my previous group. If the author sees my article, please let me know by private message, and I will add my signature.

3. Appropriate accompaniment

The previous technique "very prominent subject" contains only one subject, but if you can add a accompaniment to the subject to make Contrast will enhance the story of the photo. This is like a movie, in addition to the protagonist, there are supporting roles. This is a photo I took at the zoo, the monkey is the main character and the tourists outside are the supporting characters. In the picture below, the bee is the protagonist and the flower is the supporting role.

4. Enhancement of details

One of the most common mistakes new photographers make is to be too greedy, always thinking about adding more elements. In fact, too many elements and too wide an environment may make the audience not know where to look, but your theme expression will be more vague. Try to get closer, or use a telephoto lens to capture only part of the subject and fill the photo, which will also increase the tension of the photo. For example, in this photo of the Kongming lantern, can you imagine, if I photographed both figures, the effect would be better? When it comes to details, macro works cannot be left behind. The picture above was taken with my mobile phone and an external macro lens. Now some mobile phones themselves also have the function of macro shooting, and the effect is also good.

5. Different composition

We don’t leave easily after taking a photo, think again, whether there is a better shot angle. If you can't imagine it, then take action, try a few angles or take a few more shots with different scenes. The more you try, the more experience you have. You also need to see if there is an appropriate foreground around you, and if there is a water surface, you can use it when composing the picture. This is also a photo of a student. I'm sorry, but I can't remember the author's name (it's too long ago). The following is the effect I adjusted, mainly doing a rotation and cropping, but the visual impact is much stronger than the original film.

6. Necessary post-editing

Don't scoff at post-processing, it is also a part of photographic creation. If you want to make the picture look better in texture and the subject expression is more accurate, it is necessary to do some post-production properly. The above two sets of photos, you can feel the difference before and after adjustment. The degree of these post-processing adjustments should be within the acceptable range for most people. Below I will share a few sets of relatively exaggerated post-processing effects. This is a photo I took on a sunny afternoon after a rainy day. The picture below is a semi-finished product. The water surface that was originally gray was turned into a blue reflection effect of a clear sky. It is also a cloudy weather, the contrast between light and dark is very small, and the three-dimensional and perspective of the photos are relatively weak, which is very suitable for pictorial photography. Finally, another one with black and white reversed. The lower left corner of the picture below is the original picture, which I adjusted to the effect of night. The pictures in this article are all taken by mobile phones, and the later stages are also completed through the APP. Interested friends can click the link below to study the system. This set of courses has been updated to 182 chapters, including many pure free chapters. Welcome to try it out. Finally, I will add one more knowledge point. I believe that many of my friends have a large number of photos in their mobile phones. Among them, there are some good works, but most of them are ordinary photos, and some are even waste films. In fact, I also shoot waste films, which is normal, but every time I come back from a trip, I will organize the photos in time. For example, in the same shooting scene, I will only keep one of the same or similar composition, and delete the others. In addition, I will make a backup of the satisfactory works in the computer, mobile hard disk and network disk, in case of accidental loss. China Mobile Cloud Disk is a good choice. It is not only safe and reliable, but also has no speed limit and a large space. It is deeply loved by photography enthusiasts. Especially for friends with insufficient mobile phone memory, it is an absolute good news. #Everyone has their own cloud disk# #我有# Here is the [Mobile Phone Photography Manual], I am Yang Tao, I hope today's content will be helpful to you, and you are welcome to follow, like and forward your support. Finally, I would like to thank my wife for their support and companionship. Master these 3 light characteristics, say goodbye to "visiting here", every photo is wonderful to take pictures clearly, it seems a simple thing, but you may not know all 5 skills of these 7 knowledge points, let you take pictures Create beautiful portrait silhouette photos New to photography? Don't worry, master these 5 tips to take great photos even with just your phone You are a photographer, you are not a surgeon, not a hangman

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