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Taking pictures clearly is a seemingly simple thing, but you may not understand all these 7 knowledge points

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Taking pictures clearly is a seemingly simple thing, but you may not understand all these 7 knowledge points

Taking pictures clearly should be the minimum requirement for a photography enthusiast, but often seemingly simple things cannot be done casually. For example, how big should the scope of this "clear" be? Is it clear that all parts of the photo are clear, or only parts of it are clear? If it is locally clear, how should this clear area be selected? What aesthetic requirements and operational technologies will be involved in this? And what should I pay attention to when shooting in sports or in low light environments? Below I will explain in detail through some cases.

First, the distant scene

If the scene we want to shoot is far away, there is no special requirement for the selection of the focus point of. Because you choose to focus on any part of the frame, you can get a picture that is sharp as a whole. The main reason is that the image sensor area of ​​the mobile phone is too small, so even if the mobile phone lens is a large aperture, the depth of field of the captured picture is also very large. For example, in this photo I took with my phone’s 5x telephoto lens, you can actually choose where to focus. Here is a supplementary knowledge point, that is, the operation of the mobile phone about focusing. There is autofocus in the phone, but I'm still used to manually selecting the focus point. Mainly because the result of the automatic selection of the mobile phone may not be the effect I want in many cases. So I tap on the screen with my finger after finishing the composition, and this action is the focus point selection. Where you point, where is the clearest. After focusing, press and hold the screen and swipe up and down to adjust the brightness of the photo. If you press and hold the screen for about 2 seconds, the focus and exposure can also be locked, and the brightness can also be adjusted after locking. After locking, we can adjust the shooting angle appropriately, and make more detailed composition. During this process, the focus and exposure are unchanged. Well, the introduction of the operating skills on the mobile phone is finished, let me continue my sharing below. The buildings and birds in Figure 1 were almost on the same plane for my camera position at the time, and there was no difference between them. The elements in the photo in Figure 2 are clearly far and near. I also used the telephoto lens of my mobile phone to take this photo at a distance, so the focus point can be selected anywhere. The area in the red frame in the photo is the focus position I chose, which is mainly a matter of my own operating habits. Assuming that the scene is relatively close to me, and I shot it with a wide-angle lens, the focus point is selected to be a little bit forward in the middle of the screen, about 1/3 of the scale, so that the overall clear effect can be obtained.

Second, textured foreground

This is a scene shot in Wuyuan in autumn, and my focus position is selected In the foreground these drying crops are above. Because they are the protagonists in the picture, and in terms of color and texture, they are also the most prominent parts. Including this photo of the desert, focused on the lower left corner, is also to highlight the texture and texture of the desert. The following picture was taken in the winter of Beijing more than ten years ago, when the smog was very serious. I remember some netizens sighed at that time, "The farthest distance in the world is not the distance between life and death, but I am holding your hand at the intersection of Beijing, but I can't see your face." This is a photo I took near the airport. In this photo, the plane is very low, but it can only take a silhouette. Focusing on these wires in the sky highlights such a climatic feature even more through the contrast between the virtual and the real.

Third, macro photo

Now many mobile phones have the function of macro shooting, but the effect is not ideal, I prefer I like to shoot with an external macro lens. The framing of the above flower photo is critical. The main flower should not only bloom delicately, but also be higher than the other flowers. In this way, when we focus on this flower, other flowers will appear blurred. Because it is shot outdoors, the flowers are often blown by the wind, and it is easy to take false pictures. My habit is to focus on the subject flower and lock the focus and exposure, and then take more shots, I can always pick out the correct focus. If you are shooting a close-up of a flower, it is recommended to focus on the stamen. Of course, if there are bees on the flower, focus on the head of the bee. But if the bees are hovering in the air, if you want to take a clear picture of the bees and the stamens at the same time, make sure that your camera position allows the bees and the stamens to be at the same distance from the camera lens of the phone, and if you focus on either side of them, the other side will also will be clear.

Four. Portrait

Generally speaking, when taking portraits, the focus is on the face, and the facial features must be clear, especially the eyes . Of course, it also includes some animal shots, which must be focused on the eyes. In other words, whenever there are eyes in your picture, you must take a clear picture. As long as there are eyes in your picture, whether it is human or animal, whether it is real or false, even the eyes on a painting on the wall are no exception, because any form of eyes in the picture is the most grab the reader's attention. What? Those eyes have nothing to do with the subject of your photo! Then don't take it in, or the subject of your photo will become cluttered. There is also a silhouette form of portrait photos that also focuses on people. As far as this photo is concerned, use your finger to hold the position of the person on the screen for 2 seconds to lock the focus and exposure, then press and hold the screen and slide down to reduce the brightness of the photo to the effect we are satisfied with, and finally press the shutter to shoot. Can. Because most mobile phones have focus and metering together, be sure to focus on the person, we want to make sure the outline is sharp, and then adjust the exposure as needed.

V. Quick capture

This kind of capture scene is often too late to choose the focus point, so it can only be handed over to the mobile phone processed. All we can control is composition and pressing the shutter. It is necessary to take more pictures of this type of subject, or you can use the continuous shooting function of the mobile phone, and then pick out the photos with proper composition and accurate focus.

Six. Slow shutter shooting of flowing water

Under the slow shutter, the flowing water will show a brushed or foggy effect. The focus of this type of film is The position should be selected on some stationary objects, which can better highlight the flow effect of the water.

Seven, dark environment

When the light is relatively dark, I will use a tripod to support my phone for shooting. Although many mobile phones now have the handheld shooting function of night scenes, if you want to get better picture quality, it is recommended that you use a tripod. In the fourth point above, I said that the eyes in the picture are very attractive to readers, but in fact, the text in the photos is also very attractive to readers. Therefore, the focus point of the above night scene is best to choose the neon lights on the distant buildings. If there are moving elements in the picture, and you want to shoot a motion blur effect, then the focus point must be selected on a stationary object next to it. Of course, this kind of slow door effect is also best to use a tripod. Well, I will write here today, the chapter classification is a bit confusing, sorry. This article focuses on some knowledge points about focusing in mobile phone photography. Of course, the way you hold the camera is also very important. Try to use dual handhelds for better stability. Here is the [Mobile Phone Photography Manual], I am Yang Tao, welcome your attention, likes and reposts. Finally, I would like to thank my wife for their support and companionship. 5 tips for you to take beautiful silhouette photos The ideas and skills are all here, and a mobile phone can do all the fun reviews: I guess the photographer has a grudge against you, otherwise you really can't take this effect and want to take photos of abstract beauty. These 10 skills are worth trying. Do you want to take pictures to look thinner and highlight your long legs? 5 tips that anyone can learn

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