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Interesting commentary: I guess the photographer has a grudge against you, otherwise you won't be able to shoot this effect

2022-12-08 07:21:13 [Dark ]
Interesting commentary: I guess the photographer has a grudge against you, otherwise you won't be able to shoot this effect

Yes, I started to comment on the film again. After all, I still have to maintain the frequency of updates. Although the income from self-media is much less than before the epidemic, it is better than nothing. Oh, no, do it again. The reason for keeping it updated is mainly to repay the trust the platform has given me, and also to better serve the vast number of fans and friends, haha. The photos I reviewed today are from a foreign website, because no matter how funny or sharp my review is, the author will probably never find me, so naturally, there is no need to worry about giving me a bad review. Well, the compass is turning, and the comments are started. What should I say about this photo, I guess the photographer has a grudge against you, and it’s still a bloody grudge, otherwise it can’t be explained, right? To be honest, you don't have that devilish figure that bulges forward and backward, and you don't have a small waist. This posture is not suitable for you. Also, in this pose, keep your chest up, not your stomach. Even if the photographer is blind, don't you look at the photo yourself? This arm... this leg... this... posing is a key part of portrait photography. In many cases, the expressiveness of photographic works often depends on the model's Demeanor and action. You can find a lot of standard model poses on the Internet, but the problem is that we can't completely imitate when taking pictures, not all poses are suitable for us, we still have to learn from each other's strengths and weaknesses according to our own conditions. After talking about "the bloody feud", let's talk about "deep hatred". With such a big white eyeball, this girl hates the photographer so much, haha. There are too many whites in the eyes of the people in the photo, it even feels a little creepy, and the effect is not beautiful enough. Also, why do you have to look to the right? The hoodie is blocking the view. I once saw a group of portraits shot by foreigners, and I was very impressed. The photos are all girls in the flower season, and everyone is rolling their eyes. I think the author should be trying to interpret the rebellion of their adolescence through this unique portrait method. This is a special case. In general, we should not take too many eyeballs. The girl in this photo looks so sturdy, but if you don't want to highlight her broad shoulders, it is recommended to change the shooting angle. It would be better to cut it later. I guess the photographer's job is to be an executioner, or a surgeon. The edge of the upper part of the frame cuts across the neck of the character, doesn't it look uncomfortable to you? Let the model adjust the position of the frame and pat the shoulder a little bit, right? The following two samples also belong to a similar category, both because of the problem of composition, it is easy for readers to have ambiguity in the understanding of the photos. This hero, what's the matter with "sticking" a stick on your shoulder? Brother, how should I understand your style? Do you think it's cool to see this iron pipe "wearing" over your head? In fact, there are many similar legends. We must pay attention to these details when shooting, and don’t focus on the posture and expression of the characters. Sometimes environmental factors are more critical. This is a parent-child photo. The picture is very warm, but it feels so messy. It would be better to keep a partial close-up. Well, that's it for today's review, more photos will be saved for next time. After all, the epidemic will not end soon, and I can only continue to stay at home. I still like to share my work in articles, but I can't always use old photos over and over again. During this time, I have already refunded my ticket twice. Hey, I hope that the epidemic will pass as soon as possible and I can go out and shoot as soon as possible. Wish you all the best too! Here is the [Mobile Phone Photography Manual], I am Yang Tao, thank you for your likes and forwarding, and welcome to take care of my paid courses (there are pure free chapters, welcome to listen). Finally, I would like to thank my wife for their support and companionship. Standing posture + sitting posture + expression, master these 54 photographic postures, you will not be embarrassed when you take a photo next time. Want to take abstract and beautiful photos, these 10 skills are worth trying. Stop sticking to the rules and want to take good photos. These 5 photography rules can try to break the quick method of watching less and less. If you want to learn photography well, you have to start from these 4 aspects. If you want to take good photos with your mobile phone, the photographer has summed up 12 essentials, see if you master it How many?

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