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You are a photographer, you are not a surgeon, and you are not an executioner

2023-02-06 05:24:18 [Photoes ]
You are a photographer, you are not a surgeon, and you are not an executioner

I have collected some samples of portrait photography, all of which are some failed cases. I hope that through the explanation of these cases, you can strengthen your understanding in this area, so that you can avoid these pits in future shooting. So let's start from the beginning. This is a silhouette photo, the only downside is that most of the character's head is "cut" off. You can avoid this mistake by positioning your camera a little lower or shooting a second earlier. Don't tell me any excuses like "snapshot", if you wait a little longer at the scene, there will definitely be other people passing by. Prepare well in advance, just wait and see, and shoot more works that will always satisfy you. In fact, this kind of scene is very easy to find. In the buildings, alleys, underground passages or near the overpasses in the city, there will be this kind of local light, which is very suitable for shooting with silhouette effect. It's another portrait taken on the street. Why did you lose the head? Is this a corpse fraud? Of course, you can also not take the head in, the key is that the position of your cutting is very uncomfortable. For example, the portrait photo below also has no head, but it looks very natural. Remember, whether it's pre-shooting or post-cutting, don't cut the head off the neck. You are the photographer, not the executioner. Also, stagger the joints in your extremities like fingers, wrists, elbows, knees, etc., because you are not a surgeon either. The photo above would look a lot more comfortable if the man's hand could fit into some of the forearm than if it was cropped from the wrist. This lady's photo is also wrong cropped from the elbow, I made a secondary crop and the effect is as follows. It is much better to cut from the position of the big arm. Similarly, a photo cropped from the thigh will look more comfortable than a photo cropped from the knee or calf. In short, try to avoid cutting from the vulnerable parts of the human body. Through some failed cases above, I shared some aesthetic common sense about the cropped part of portrait photos from head to toe. There is also a portrait photo that, although not cropped from vulnerable parts, is also uncomfortable to look at. We together look. The figure on the right side of the picture above feels that a branch is inserted into the head, and the picture below shows the outline of the distant mountain crossed from the neck of the figure. In this handsome photo, it feels like the steel bar below is stuck in the butt, haha. These ambiguity effects for readers should also be avoided. When we are shooting portraits, we must not focus on the posture and expression of the characters, but also pay more attention to the surrounding environment to see if there are some inappropriate elements, and try to avoid them. Sometimes you can just adjust the camera position easily, or use a shallow depth of field to reduce background distractions. That's all for today, I hope it helps you. This is the [Mobile Phone Photography Manual], I am Yang Tao. Thank you for reading, and hope to like or repost to support it. Finally, I would like to thank my wife for their support and companionship. How do I fix the photo after taking it? The ideas and skills are all here. One mobile phone can do all 7 photography tips to make your travel photos more vivid. Before traveling, you must master these 8 contrasting relationships and take more in-depth photos. You can also do other things. If you want to stick to the rules again, and want to take good photos, these 5 photography rules can try to break the mobile phone photo retouching tutorial: About snapseed double exposure, are you really using it right?

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