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Quickly improve the level of photography, these 3 practice methods are simple, easy to learn, and efficient

2023-02-06 15:55:53 [Retro ]
Quickly improve the level of photography, these 3 practice methods are simple, easy to learn, and efficient

Today, I will share three practice methods. I believe that your photography level will be improved. If you can persist in daily practice, whether you are a photography beginner or a veteran for many years, I believe it will have miraculous effects.

First, learn to analyze photos

Look at more excellent photography works, and analyze photos from multiple angles. For example, what is the theme the author wants to express, where is the visual focus of the picture, how is the composition of the work, whether it can guide and plan the reader's attention, what is the layout of light and shadow, what parts of the picture are composed and how they are related to each other what etc. You can also try to analyze if there are any deficiencies in the photo, and if there is any way to improve it. As you do more and more of this exercise, you'll ask less and less of the "how to shoot" question.

Second, 10 shots per object

Find a subject and take 10 photos of it. Of course, it's not 10 shots in a row. You can try to shoot from different angles, different scenes or different light and shadow moments. For example, in some scenic spots, you will find that most people take photos with similar composition on the viewing platform. Of course, these locations are also good choices, but they are far from enough. You should try some new shooting methods. This exercise may be difficult at the beginning, but you must persevere. You have to believe that there must be better shooting angles waiting for you to explore. Don't leave too early, stick to 10 shots. If you can do this exercise seriously, you will become more and more confident in your technique.

Third, keep only one photo

Whether you are a professional photographer or an amateur gamer, I believe You've all taken thousands of photos, but only a few of them should be worth showing as a personal work. In each shoot, you may get some decent photos, but the really good ones should be few and far between. And these few photos are worth keeping and sharing. So for each shooting scene, no matter how many photos you take, you can only keep the most satisfactory one in the end, and delete the rest of the imperfect photos. Stick with this exercise and make it a habit, and you'll benefit a lot in the end. Don't shoot lightly, only shoot those pictures that really touch your heart. Don't give up shooting easily until you get a satisfactory photo. The above three practice methods are of great benefit to the improvement of the level of photography. Of course you have to keep practicing, or else it will be the same. That's all for today's sharing. You are welcome to follow, like and forward to support. Here is the [Mobile Phone Photography Manual]. I am Yang Tao. Finally, I would like to thank my wife for their support and company. Want to make your photos more visually appealing? These 6 photography skills, you can't ignore these 3 light characteristics, say goodbye to "visiting here", every photo is wonderful to take pictures clearly, seemingly simple things, these 7 knowledge points you may not necessarily Do you know 5 tricks that allow you to take beautiful portrait silhouette photos? How to repair the photos after taking them? The ideas and skills are all here, a mobile phone can do it all

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