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As a beginner in photography, you must not only learn these 4 composition rules, but also master them proficiently

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As a beginner in photography, you must not only learn these 4 composition rules, but also master them proficiently

I've been involved in photography since middle school, but digital cameras were not available at that time, and I didn't think about or learn anything about composition at that time. It was not until I was in college that I started to learn some composition skills relatively systematically. Since then, the progress of photography has been much faster, and the photos I have taken are naturally better-looking. If you're like me, and you haven't thought about composition, here are 4 important and easy-to-follow composition rules that will help you.

One, the rule of thirds

The rule of thirds composition is to use two vertical and horizontal lines to arrange in a "well" shape. Divide the picture into nine equal parts, so it is also called Jiugongge composition. The rule of thirds is very applicable, and many DSLRs and mobile phones can display a grid of thirds in the viewfinder or screen. Putting the visual center of the photo at the intersection or thirds line when shooting can make the image more attractive. This is probably the most well-known composition rule among photographers. For example, in the picture above, the horizon is in the lower third. The fishing boat in the picture below is at the intersection of the two three-pointers in the lower right corner.

Second, the law of odd numbers

The law of odd numbers is to keep the number of subjects in a photo odd. This trick will make the photo more eye-catching. Studies have shown that people are also more comfortable with odd-numbered subjects when viewing photos.

Three, the law of space

Generally speaking, if the subject of the photo is a person or an animal, a certain space should be reserved in front of their head or eyes, otherwise Photos can easily make readers feel depressed. You may have inadvertently used the law of space without noticing that it is a compositional law. You can mix this rule with the rule of thirds for a natural effect. For example, in the picture above, the character is facing the right side of the screen, so when composing the picture, place the character in the left third position and leave enough space on the right side. Of course, the subjects are not necessarily all people or animals. As long as the subject has obvious directionality, this composition rule can be used. For example, the car in the above picture is facing the left side of the screen. We can also use such readers' minds to reverse operations, such as this "Scream" shot by senior Wu Yinxian. The head of the person in this photo is very close to the edge of the frame, giving a strong sense of depression. This composition just vents the inner world that people want to resist oppression.

Four. Perspective

Perspective is also a basic composition rule. If you photograph a cat at eye level, your audience will see the cat at eye level. If you photograph a dog from below, your audience will also see the dog from below. If you shoot a dog from a height, you give the viewer a feeling of looking down. The content of the four rules has been introduced, but there is one more thing to pay attention to, that is, do not compose for the sake of composition. It must be considered comprehensively in combination with the characteristics of the subject matter and the expression of the author. In addition, in photography creation, many rules can also be broken. Of course, the premise is that you must first understand and be able to use these rules proficiently, and form muscle memory, and then you can forget all the composition rules and shoot how you feel comfortable. Here is the [Mobile Phone Photography Manual], I am Yang Tao, welcome your attention, likes and reposts. Finally, I would like to thank my wife for their support and companionship. Want to make your photos more visually appealing? These 6 photography skills, you can't ignore these 3 light characteristics, say goodbye to "visiting here", every photo is wonderful to take pictures clearly, seemingly simple things, these 7 knowledge points you may not necessarily Do you know how to fix a photo after taking a photo? The ideas and skills are all here, a mobile phone can do all the fun reviews: I guess the photographer has a grudge against you, otherwise you won't be able to shoot this effect

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