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Want to take photos of abstract beauty, these 10 tips are worth trying

2023-02-06 12:14:16 [Photography art]
Want to take photos of abstract beauty, these 10 tips are worth trying

Many people like to use a wide-angle lens to shoot magnificent landscapes. In fact, those small and delicate scenes can also be brilliant. Today I will share some tips on how to shoot minimalist and abstract style photos, hoping to give you some inspiration.

1. Water

In our life, we will encounter many different forms of water, including water in swimming pools, water in rivers, lakes and seas, which can be used as shooting subjects . An abstract photo can be achieved by taking only partial textures. In addition, the texture effect of water under different light will be very different. It also includes different forms of water, such as the texture on the ice surface, which can also make for very interesting pictures. There are also ice flowers and water droplets on the glass. This water droplet effect is shot through virtual focus, that is, the focus is deliberately inaccurate, and then this colorful light spot effect will appear under the sunlight.

Second, trees

Every time I see those distinctive tree textures, I automatically want to take pictures. Including bark, leaves, and even tree crowns and roots. To me, at least for me, there is an infinite charm to the picture composed of natural lines and color blocks.

Third, the residual lotus

You can add some text and stamp effects in the later stage to make the residual lotus photos into the style of landscape painting. Of course, you can also simply do a black and white treatment to purely express the beauty of these lines.

Four. Sand

Sand on the beach or in the desert, washed by sea water or eroded by strong winds, often appears Out of regular texture. Including the lines of the dunes, especially in the low-angle sunlight in the early morning or evening, will form a strong three-dimensional light and shadow effect.

V. Snow

This mainly refers to a minimalist snow scene with a lot of white space, and the main body in the picture is very small. A lot of space is filled with pure white.

Six. Mountains

You can take close-up shots of local mountains with obvious lines, or highlight the outlines of distant mountains. All in all is to find lines and try to balance them in your image, smooth lines also give a beautiful visual effect.

Seven, film

This theme is the best to find, as long as you observe carefully, there will be such scenes around us. The key is your framing range. If you want to shoot an abstract beauty, it is recommended that you only shoot one part, and the picture should be as concise as possible. For example, the two photos above and below are a scene, and the difference lies in the shooting angle and the framing range.

Eight. Gate

Below is the gate I photographed in the old city of Kazanqi, Xinjiang, which highlights the gate and courtyard wall color contrast. The doors and exterior walls here are very rich in color, with similar and contrasting colors. At that time, I took more than ten such pictures, showing the characteristics of the old town of Kazanqi through a very subtle angle. This type of film will be better expressed in the form of group pictures.

IX. Architecture

The above picture is a partial structure of a bridge, and the emphasis is also on the spatial beauty formed by lines. The following photos were taken at Beijing Daxing Airport. Walk around this column and you'll find that there are many angles that are suitable for expressing abstract beauty. The three photos below were taken at the hotel where I once stayed. The third photo is more abstract. It is the spiral staircase of the hotel. I shot it from the bottom up. This last building was taken while my wife was visiting the mall. If I didn't say it was a shopping mall, many people would probably not have guessed it, which is also one of the characteristics of this abstract photo. It doesn't matter what the shot is, the key is that it is enough to give readers a beautiful look and feel through the combination of these lines and colors.

X. Others

In fact, many subjects are very suitable for this abstract effect. At night, you are facing the light in the distance, shaking the phone and pressing the shutter , you can take pictures in the style below. This method often allows you to shoot unexpected results. The picture below is a view of the terraced fields from above. This photo was taken from a corner of the sofa in the house, and simple lines and color blocks can also capture the beauty of abstraction. So don’t make excuses, you don’t have to go far to take pictures, you can also make pictures at home. The key is to be good at discovering and not habitually turning a blind eye to the things around you because of them. I think the biggest gain of learning photography is that it allows us to rediscover the beauty of life. This is the [Mobile Phone Photography Manual], I am Yang Tao, thank you for reading, welcome to follow, like and forward. Finally, I would like to thank my wife for their support and companionship. Master these 8 landscape photography skills, and the mobile phone can also shoot a blockbuster. The seemingly simple line has so much attention-the secret of photography composition. Master these 8 contrasting relationships and take more in-depth photos, you can also do it Stop sticking to the rules. If you want to take good photos, these 5 photography rules can try to break the quick-fix method that you don’t look at. If you want to learn photography well, you have to start from these 4 aspects

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