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A seemingly simple line has so much attention to it - the secret of photography composition

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A seemingly simple line has so much attention to it - the secret of photography composition

This article mainly discusses the use of horizontal lines in photographic composition. Don't underestimate this line, there are really many doorways in it.

1. What is the horizontal line in photography?

Horizontal line refers to the line where the sky and the water surface meet in the horizontal direction, or generally refers to the straight line on the horizontal plane and the straight line parallel to the horizontal plane. In the type of outdoor photography, the most commonly used horizontal line is the horizon, which is the line that separates the ground from the sky. Horizontal lines like the one in the photo above are very easy to identify. However, not all horizons are so easy to see. For example, in the photo below, the horizon is obscured by mountains.

Second, the role of the horizontal line

The horizontal line often gives people a feeling of calm, stability, harmony and comfort, and can also Shows the horizontal extension of the screen. It is generally used to express the vast ocean, the calm lake, the distant mountains, and the endless grasslands.

Third, the application skills in composition

1, the horizontal line should be "horizontal" In most cases, the horizontal line should be ensured Straight, because even the slightest inclination can create a serious sense of imbalance. Unless you want to express some special effects. For example, the diving photo in the picture below is more dynamic through post-rotation processing, and it is also full of a surreal taste. If the horizon line in the picture is blocked, you can refer to other elements to ensure that the picture is straight. Such as the facade of the building, the characters in the picture, etc. 2. The upper and lower positions Generally speaking, do not place the horizon in the middle of the picture, it will give people a feeling of dividing the picture, and the stability of this form is also very low. As for whether to place the horizon in the upper or lower position of the picture, it depends on the characteristics of the specific scene. If the sky is beautiful, you can lower the horizontal line a little and keep as much of the sky as possible. If the sky is dull or unattractive, don't take too much of the sky and focus on the ground. There is an exception, if there are reflections in the picture, it is possible to place the horizontal line in the center. 3. There are some deficiencies in the composition of the horizontal line in the visual center, because the horizontal line itself is an element that attracts the reader's attention. If there is a lack of other elements in the picture, your work will inevitably appear "empty". So be sure to add a visual center to break up this empty feeling. This visual center can be people, mountains or trees. 4. Avoid "cutting the head" If the visual center of the picture is a person, be sure to avoid horizontal lines crossing the vulnerable parts of the character's head, neck, waist, knees, etc., otherwise it will look very uncomfortable. This is a student's work. The left side is the original image. The horizontal line crosses from the neck of the character. The right side is the effect I adjusted, mainly to lower the position of the horizontal line, so that it is more comfortable to look at. In the later stage, I used snapseed, a mobile phone retouching software. Interested friends can click the link below. The original 50-section course has now been updated to 184 sections, and some pure free chapters are also set up. Welcome to try it out. The above is my sharing of some application skills about the horizontal line, I hope it will be helpful to you. Here is the [Mobile Phone Photography Manual], I am Yang Tao, welcome your attention, likes and reposts. Finally, I would like to thank my wife for their support and companionship. Master these 8 contrasting relationships and take more in-depth photos. You can also stop sticking to the rules. If you want to take good photos, these 5 photography rules can try to break the 9 tricks of playing mobile photography. Master one. Two can make a blockbuster. My mobile phone photography tutorial can be broadcast on TV, mainly because of these 5 good habits. I don’t watch those quick-fix methods. If you want to learn photography well, you have to start from these 4 aspects.

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