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Master these 8 landscape photography skills, and your mobile phone can also shoot blockbusters

2022-12-08 07:01:28 [the scenery ]
Master these 8 landscape photography skills, and your mobile phone can also shoot blockbusters

Whether you're a novice or a veteran, landscape photography is a popular subject matter. I believe that landscape photos should also take up most of the space in your photo library. So how to take a good scenery photo, let me share 8 skills below, I believe it will inspire you.

1. Properly matching the foreground

The foreground can effectively bring out the main body of the photo, and can also increase the depth of the picture, making the photo more beautiful Nice to see. For beginners, finding the right foreground should be one of the easiest steps to make a beautiful landscape photo. However, the prospect must not be overwhelming, and the area generally does not exceed one-third. In addition, the foreground must have characteristics, it can play a role in decorating the picture, or can better explain the nature of the picture. Then there is the best prospect with certain regularity, and avoid chaos.

Second, make good use of tripods

When it comes to tripods, many people must think that this is an accessory that is only used for SLR cameras, but it is not. Many scenes in mobile photography are also inseparable from a tripod. Such as shooting night scenes. If your phone is relatively old, the phone will automatically increase the ISO in this dark environment, resulting in increased noise and lower image quality in photos. At this time, if you have a tripod, you can improve the picture quality by lowering the ISO and slowing down the shutter speed. Even if you are using a new mobile phone, the kind that can shoot night scenes handheld, I advise you to use a tripod to shoot, the difference in image quality is also very large. Because the night scene mode of the mobile phone is realized by an algorithm, the exposure time in the night scene mode will be relatively longer, and the mobile phone will take a large number of material photos during this time period. Some of the materials that are blurred due to hand-held shaking will be removed by the software, and finally the better quality materials will be superimposed, which can reduce noise and improve image quality. If you use a tripod, it will greatly reduce the number of material photos that are blurred due to jitter, so that you can get more materials that meet the requirements, and the quality of the final superimposed photos will naturally be better. You can do an experiment. For the same night scene, you shoot with a handheld and a tripod, and you will find that the exposure time will be longer after using a tripod. Because high-end phones have gyroscopes, it can tell if you're holding it or using a tripod. Longer exposure time means taking more stock photos, and the effect of superimposing through the algorithm will naturally be better. In another situation, such as the scene above, I waited about 20 minutes to capture the moment when the seagulls flew across the sky. During these 20 minutes, I couldn't hold my phone all the time. I could only use a tripod to free my hands. With a tripod, you can take a series of photos with the same composition, which is also convenient for superimposing later. One of the two seagulls above is superimposed. There is also a trick here, which is to control the shutter through the headphone cable, which can ensure a more stable picture.

Three, clever use of lines

Whether it is our life or nature, there are all kinds of interesting lines, such as roads , rivers, coastlines, etc., being good at discovering and using these lines can make your photos more interesting and guide the reader's attention. There is another kind of line that is also very important, and it is the horizontal line. I have given a detailed introduction to the previous article. Interested friends can click the link below to watch. A seemingly simple line has so much attention to it - the secret of photography composition

Fourth, who shoots dynamic effects

It is said that landscape photos can only be static. Through the slow door function of the mobile phone, you can record the motion effects of clouds, running water, vehicle tracks, people flow, etc., making your photos more dynamic and showing situations that are invisible to the naked eye.

Five, have a point of interest

Adding a point of interest to your picture can greatly enhance the story of the photo. For beginners, it is recommended to follow the steps below:
  • First determine the background of the photo;
  • Add a background to this background Interesting protagonist, if there is a contrasting relationship between the protagonist and the background, the effect is better. For example, the contrast between large and small, cold and warm, dynamic and still, more and less, etc.
  • Six. Unique composition

    To learn abstract thinking and extract some elements from the real scene , line and surface relationship, and then reconstruct the picture by controlling the appropriate shooting position, shooting angle, lens focal length, etc. Lines, rhythm, texture, geometry, light and shade, contrast can be included in the composition of the composition to try to include more than one to three elements, good photos are not far away from you. For newbies, be sure to give it a try. Then there is usually more good photography works, and constantly improve the aesthetics.

    VII. The best time to shoot

    For scenery, the time before and after sunrise and sunset is the best Shooting time. During this period, the light is softer and the colors are richer. It is recommended to arrive at the shooting location in advance, familiarize yourself with the environment of the scene and determine the shooting position, and then wait for the arrival of the best light.

    Eighth, proper post-production adjustment

    Photography is actually a systematic project, here are your imagination before shooting, your aesthetic Accumulation and preparation on equipment; press the shutter at the best time; necessary post-processing; finally print out the film or share it through the Internet. The latter stage is an indispensable link in it, and it is by no means optional. If you just click the shutter, then you only get a stock photo. The above is the original image, and the following is the effect I adjusted with snapseed. This is completely adjusted according to my understanding. Let’s take a look at a few sets of photos before and after the adjustment. In fact, all photos need post-production, news documentary photos need it, portrait photos need it, and landscape photos need it even more. It's just that pixel displacement cannot be done in news photos. That is to say, you can't add things that are not in the original picture. You can't take out what you already have. But adding some contrast, making some adjustments such as sharpening is still allowed and necessary. Landscape photography skills are extensive and profound. Novices should refer to other people's wonderful works, and then learn how to shoot, and communicate with experts more. Watch more, shoot more, communicate more, you can also shoot beautiful scenery blockbusters. Here is the [Mobile Phone Photography Manual], I am Yang Tao, welcome your attention, likes and forwarding support. Finally, I would like to thank my wife for their support and companionship. Master these 8 contrasting relationships and take more in-depth photos. You can also stop sticking to the rules. If you want to take good photos, you can try to break these 5 photography rules. My mobile phone photography tutorial can be broadcast on TV, Mainly thanks to these 5 good habits, I don’t see those quick-fix methods that come together. If you want to learn photography well, you have to start from these 4 aspects

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