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Rustic and warm brown, the wife is charming

2023-02-06 19:16:48 [Photoes ]
Rustic and warm brown, the wife is charming

Sean Hazen, USA He is an American-Japanese photographer born in Okayama, Japan and now lives in Los Angeles, USA Studied furniture design and fine art at the California Institute of Art. His interest in photography began with a hobby of documenting travel during a photography internship. He then enrolled at Santa Monica College, started photography studies and interned at a top architectural photography company in Japan. Sean is now a freelance photographer working mostly with fashion brands, furniture companies, magazines, and mainstream entertainment clients. Sean's work is good at using things. The structure itself highlights the lines and geometry in the picture through a unique perspective, adding a more obvious sense of design to the ordinary scenery. The latest original creation of the TugArt Agency, "INS Great God Series", the same filter from Sean Hazen, the great god of INS, only needs to be A few clicks can help you create unique works. You can reduce the filter intensity appropriately to achieve better results! Pay attention to the public number of Tuyi Club and reply to "Sean Hazen" to get the complete picture collection of ins God's works for free

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