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Is it a criterion for judging the quality of a photo if the character is blurred? ! Photo Review Issue 6

2023-02-06 18:21:03 [Dark ]
Is it a criterion for judging the quality of a photo if the character is blurred? ! Photo Review Issue 6

7 points. There is a surreal absurdity to this photo. The face of David's sculpture occupies most of the space in the picture, and the rest is the real space. The dim corridor and David's expression intensify the sense of space and the conflict of the plot. Robert Capa once said: If you're not good enough, you're not getting far enough. This photo is so close. If you shoot from a long distance, the sculpture is completely photographed, and the environment is unobstructed, then the fun of imagination and reasoning will be lacking. 8 points. The framing and composition of this photo are excellent. The composition is framed, using a door frame-like frame to enclose the subject, allowing the viewer to concentrate on the middle. It seems that there is still a layer of glass, so the dog's tail grass is looming behind, as if you can see them swaying. 5 points. The photographer's observation skills are still good. To be able to see such pictures in such a daily environment, he has a certain degree of research on framing. This is a dance practice room, and the parents may be sitting next to it. The view is taken from the middle of the two adults, and the parts of the two parents' bodies are intercepted and extended to the children in the center of the dance room. You don't need to see the parents' expressions, you can imagine their care and love from the body movements. But this one is still not good enough. If the ground at the bottom of the picture is reduced a little more, and there is a child in the dance room who is closer to the camera and dancing facing the camera, then this picture will be perfect. 3 points. Many people like to shoot from top to bottom inside a building, especially a building with a hollow, the lines will form a particularly interesting space. This photo was probably taken in this way, but there are two flaws in the ointment: 1. The lines are chaotic and not smooth enough, so the aesthetics are not enough; 2. There are too many hollow ground elements, which are too complicated, and the picture lacks breathing space. 2 minutes. If you have a little interest in photography and understand some photography skills, it is easy to take such photos. The photographer may feel that it is not bad, but in fact it is not a problem, and it can't be saved in the later stage. Let’s talk about the advantages first, the exposure is fairly accurate, the bright places are not overexposed, and most of the dark places are not dead black. The disadvantage is fatal, there is no subject and no theme. What are you filming? No streetlights turned on? Can you light up your beauty? Or shoot the building? Or the bridge? What are you expressing? Is the picture beautiful? Nothing, nothing. 6 points. This is an excellent black and white photo. The beauty of black and white lies in light and shadow, and this photo does it. The time may be taken in the morning or evening. At this time, the light angle is large, and the light quality is hard, and it is easy to cast a long shadow, that is, it is easy to take pictures. After the photographer turned the photo upside down later, it was more interesting. It would be better if the shadows were narrower and longer. 6 points. Also a black and white photo. This should have been taken at night, and the lights inside the supermarket can be seen. A child plays games on the road. It is very difficult for a mobile phone to capture dynamic characters at night, so the storefront at the back is clear and the characters are empty. Even so, we can still feel the joy of the child. Emotions can be felt, and you don't need to see his expression clearly. Moreover, the moment when the child's feet are off the ground is captured, which adds interest to the photo. 5 points. A decent street shot. The expression of the characters and the status quo is relatively complete, but unfortunately, it is too ordinary and too law-abiding. If we take more pictures of the old buildings in the back, the environment can be better explained, and the audience can have a deeper understanding and empathy for the subject characters. Moreover, the use of residential buildings and figures to form a contrast in size also helps to highlight the theme. 7 points. The sunset is infinitely good, only close to dusk. This photo should have been toned in post to deepen the warm tones. The upper half is warm and fiery, the lower half emerald green. On the left is the lower and lower sunset, and on the right is the old man who is drifting away. Next to a small tree that is not tall, the old man looks weak and lonely. Who doesn't have this day? The disadvantage is that the top of the old man is too messy, it would be better if it was more concise.

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