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After the mobile phone is retouched, it is enough to learn this software~

2023-03-31 01:28:58 [Photography art]
After the mobile phone is retouched, it is enough to learn this software~

With the continuous development of mobile photography in recent years, mobile phones have become a public recording tool, and people are more and more accustomed to using mobile phones to take pictures when traveling. But in many cases, when you open the mobile phone album, you will find that most of the photos you take are "waste films" due to the problem of shooting composition or exposure. How can you bear to face those shooting scenes that cannot be copied? Delete these photos? At this time, you need post-processing of pictures to "turn waste into treasure" with defective photos, but for many mobile photography enthusiasts, the operation process of some professional picture post-processing software on the computer is too complicated, which often makes many People stay away. But in fact, now on a smartphone, you can also post-process the pictures as you like. If you are still troubled by not being able to shoot a blockbuster mobile phone, if you are still having a headache because you don't know how to use PS software... Then please pay attention below. Snapseed is a free photo editing APP called "Mobile PS". It is compatible with Android and Apple mobile phones. It is the most practical, professional, valuable and most used mobile phone in the entire Chinese photography circle. Retouching APP software. As long as you have a mobile phone, you can learn and use this powerful software and master the superb post-processing techniques. To this end, we specially invited Mr. Yang Tianyu to offer such a Snapseed mobile phone post-study course for the majority of students who want to start with zero-based mobile photography. The course explanation and repeated learning can also easily master the mobile photography course. (Please scroll directly to the end of the article to view the registration) 1. Suitable for the crowd ⊙ Students who have heard the name of snapseed and seldom come into contact with the app snapseed, but really want to learn how to retouch pictures on mobile phones; Students with various practical and powerful Snapseed post-production skills; ⊙Those who feel that computer photo editing is too troublesome, or who do not know how to operate various computer operations, and like the convenience of mobile phone photo editing. ⊙Mobile photography enthusiasts, who hope to improve the level of their works through the learning of snapseed mobile phone post-processing; ⊙Camera photography enthusiasts, students who hope to quickly complete the post-production of the work through sanpseed mobile phone retouching and improve their retouching efficiency. 2. Highlights of the course ⊙We start with the most basic Snapseed operation interface from scratch, and step by step from the shallower to the deeper to explain Snapseed thoroughly, even zero-based students can easily master it. ⊙Latest version Our courses take the updated latest Snapseed version in 2019 as the standard lecture. At present, the Snapseed downloaded by everyone on their mobile phones is the updated version, and the course is very targeted. ⊙Learn and use as long as you open the sanpseed app, the teacher can use it while teaching. It is not just a filter, but a problem that allows you to clearly see the photo, and then improve and improve. ⊙Establishing ideas Many beginner photographers always like to add filters, which is not a good habit. In addition to retouching skills, you should also learn the ideas of post-retouching on mobile phones, so as to draw inferences from others and improve quickly. ⊙Teacher Q&A We will arrange half an hour for each class, and students will interact with the teacher to answer questions and solve various photography problems of the students. An answer from a famous teacher is worth thousands of dollars. ⊙Community interaction Students can directly join our communication group, interact with the majority of photographers, and discuss photography issues together. ⊙Class notification We will notify students point-to-point through WeChat before the class every day, so that each student will not be left behind. 3. Class time "Snapseed Mobile Post Class" has a total of 6 courses (large number of courses): The 6 courses are all live broadcast, and the live broadcast class time is from 20:00 to 21:30 in the evening. Each course is one and a half hours. Don't delay everyone's work time. The content of the course will be explained in the first 1 hour, and the questions of all the students will be answered online in the next 0.5 hours, so that the students can truly ask questions and fully understand all photography learning problems. After the live broadcast, all courses can be viewed and learned repeatedly forever. Students who missed the live broadcast can still watch the recording and broadcast repeatedly, and will never miss any course. 4. Class content 5. Class form "Snapseed mobile phone later class" will be taught in the form of voice + PPT pictures in Qianchao micro-classroom, and will show you photography teaching in the most intuitive way, so that everyone can truly learn photography . Courses can be recorded and broadcasted permanently. If you miss the live broadcast, you can learn to record and broadcast for free and unlimited times, without worrying about the lack of time. You can learn anywhere in the world, you can listen to the teacher's wonderful lessons at home, and you can easily learn mobile photography. The operation of the class is very simple, you only need a mobile phone, only need to use WeChat, and connect to the Internet, you can study happily anytime, anywhere. 6. Teacher The "Snapseed Mobile Phone Post Course" is taught by Mr. Yang Tianyu. The following is a brief introduction to the teacher: Yang Tianyu, a senior mobile photographer, a mobile photography expert, and a photography lecturer from many famous photography agencies. With many years of experience in teaching landscape, figures, still life, and mobile phone photography, related photography works have won various awards, and have long-term tour exhibitions in Sichuan University, University of Electronic Science and Technology, etc. ⊙Teacher Snapseed post-production original film comparison , the original price is 499 yuan / person, the first 30 preferential price is 199 yuan, and the first 100 preferential price is 299 yuan. 8. Registration method Please add Xiaobian's personal WeChat (ff960124) to send "Phone Late" and pay tuition to complete the registration. Attention new members! You can click on the historical news to view the exciting content in the past. Two types of photography courses have been opened recently. For details, you can click the custom menu [Course Registration] to learn. The top 50 and the top 100 sign up, and there are many discounts, don't miss it! Contributions are welcome! 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