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Take photos of purple flowers and make them more elegant with these 7 sharpness-enhancing shots

2023-02-06 15:02:18 [Dark ]
Take photos of purple flowers and make them more elegant with these 7 sharpness-enhancing shots

Purple flowers are also a common flower color in our lives. In photographic performance, purple flowers are often photographed. If we want to take a good picture of purple flowers, we need to pay attention to many aspects. Purple flowers can express an elegant and mysterious visual experience, but when we take pictures of purple flowers, we must accurately show the texture of purple flowers in order to show their elegance and mystery. A friend who likes to photograph flowers said that purple flowers are difficult to photograph, and often appear unclear. The flowers at the shooting site looked very elegant, but after the photos were taken, the beauty seen at the scene was completely lost. . If you want to take a photo that looks elegant and clear the main elements of the photo, this is the most basic requirement, and of course, it is also the most critical requirement. So, what are some ways to improve the clarity of your purple flower photos? According to personal shooting experience and summary, we can improve the clarity of purple flower photos from the following 7 aspects. The first aspect: the recognition degree of the subject flower to be photographed should be high. When shooting flowers, some friends do not pay much attention to the recognition degree of the subject flower, and randomly choose a flower as the main element, but the photos taken are not enough visually. Clear, resulting in poor visual impact and no good performance. Of course, there is no way to make a photo look elegant. Therefore, we have to choose flowers with beautiful shapes and unique shapes as the main elements. The second aspect: the light for shooting should not be too strong to avoid overexposure. The control of light is very important for photography performance. When you start learning photography, you must start to study light and shadow, otherwise, there will be nothing in photography performance. improving. Shooting purple flowers, because the brightness of purple is low, the metering is difficult to grasp accurately, and it is easy to overexpose. At the same time, if the light is too strong, overexposure will also occur, especially in the highlights, it is easy to shoot a color. If the photo is overexposed, there will be no layering in the flower, and the texture and other details of the flower will not show. The purple photographed also lacks layers, and the main elements are not clear. The overall vision of the photo lacks elegance. The third aspect: the light and shadow should be based on the main flower as the main performance of the photographic work, just like the stage performance, the main actor must use the main light source to present it. The main flower is the "main actor" on the screen, so it must be presented with brighter light and shadow, and the accompanying elements must be presented with weaker light and shadow. In the photos taken in this way, the main elements are clearer and the visual effects are more prominent. The fourth aspect: Use the contrast between the virtual and the real to improve the clarity of the main flower. You can imagine that if all the elements in a photographic work are presented very clearly, the clarity of the main elements in this work must be visually felt. Great discount. If we properly blur the accompanying elements, and the background becomes more concise, the main elements of the picture will definitely be much clearer at this time. The fifth aspect: pay attention to the three major attributes of color contrast between the main element and the accompanying element: color appearance, color purity, and color brightness. In photographic works, these three attributes must be used reasonably for color matching. If the main flower is to be very clear, then there must be an appropriate contrast between the color of the main element and the color of the accompanying element, otherwise, the main element will not be clear, which will affect the elegant beauty of the whole work. The sixth aspect: the elements on the screen should be simplified and effective. A friend left a message: the simplicity of the screen, the contrast of colors, the use of light and shadow, etc. have nothing to do with the clarity of the photo. Whether it matters or not, the best proof is to feel it in real shooting. No matter what colors of flowers are photographed, the elements of the picture must be simplified, and try to achieve "the elements that may or may not be necessary, but rather not." The redundant elements will definitely interfere with the visual clarity of the picture. The seventh aspect: the relevant factors of the shooting technology The clarity of the shooting technology, I think it is better to grasp, because the objectivity is relatively strong. For example, the focus should be accurate, the camera should not shake, and the sharpness should be appropriate. These factors are relatively controllable. It is not as difficult to control as the previous subjective factors. It's not that we don't pay attention, we still need to pay attention to technical factors when shooting purple flowers. Good technology is the guarantee of achieving clarity. To sum up, the purple flowers are difficult to shoot, especially the appearance of overexposure, which directly affects the clarity of the picture, and it is also very dazzling. Of course, other aspects also need our attention and control. Only by paying attention to many aspects can you take clear and elegant photos. The above content belongs to personal shooting experience and is for reference only. 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