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New Situation and New Harvest - Zhou Jianshe's 2020 Photographic Work Summary

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New Situation and New Harvest - Zhou Jianshe's 2020 Photographic Work Summary

New Situation and New Harvest

- Zhou Jianhua's 2020 Photographic Work Summary

Feelings 2020 has passed very fast. From the new crown epidemic at the beginning of the year, to the direct participation in the first and second lines of epidemic prevention and control, to the resumption of work and production, and the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, the epidemic runs through the whole year, and the epidemic has affected both photography and Provides a new element for photography. In 2020, I will actively participate in meaningful film competitions, film festivals and photography activities. Basically, I have an average of weekly awards and publications at the provincial level and above. I have also met new mentors and friends from all over the world. In 2020, I will also have new goals and new harvests - entering Sichuan Literature and Art Critics Association.

I. The epidemic prevention and control photography has yielded a lot.

On the third day of the Lunar New Year, when everyone was at home, due to the new crown epidemic, they ended the Spring Festival vacation early and started to work to fight the epidemic. The unit was responsible for the overall coordination of our system epidemic prevention and control and the front line of epidemic prevention and control. During the epidemic prevention and control work, we always pay attention to shooting with mobile phones. The new crown epidemic is a major event with far-reaching impact. In the later resumption of work and production and the post-epidemic era, people related to the epidemic have paid attention to and filmed (when asked not to go out as much as possible, they did not go out to shoot, which would add chaos and pressure to epidemic prevention and control. ), and his representative works mainly include: (1) During the critical period of epidemic prevention and control, the photos of free haircuts for front-line prevention and control personnel won the award in the "Anti-epidemic Memory in the Lens" photography competition and were collected by the Sichuan Provincial Archives. (2) During the resumption of work and production, photos of rural empty-nesters planting vegetables in the spring were selected into the tenth issue of "Voice of Spring" of Xinhua News Agency's "Searching for the Beauty of China" and published on the front page of Xinhua News Agency's official WeChat account. Bureau in the same frame. (3) During the hot search period of the street stall economy and the fireworks in the world, the photos of the night market of Nanmen Bridge in Hainan Province were selected for the "2020 Global Overseas Chinese My Anti-epidemic Life" online photography event collection and exhibited in the hall of the All-China Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese. .(4) In the post-epidemic era, photos of 5G base stations have been selected for the large-scale graphic and video story collection and exhibition event of China Mobile and China Communications Photography Association "5G to see mobile".

Second, I have participated in several photography activities

In 2020, due to the epidemic, many photography activities and photography competitions have been cancelled. The original plan was to go to Nyingchi, Tibet to shoot peach blossoms for free in the spring of 2020 's activities have also been cancelled, and even 3*9=27 days of public holidays have not been used up. In January 2020, after strict selection, he participated in the "Hainan Heart Cultural Tourism Sharing Photography Competition" organized by the Propaganda Department of Qiongzhong County Party Committee of Hainan Province and undertaken by Visual Travel Map, and won the first prize. In July 2020, he participated in Hainan Province The "Hainan Free Trade Port is waiting for you" 2020 Hainan Free Trade Port Tourism Photography Competition sponsored by the Department of Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television and Sports was conducted by Haikou City, Changjiang, Sanya, Qionghai, Baoting, and Haikou Roundabout. One week, and won the competition excellence award. In October 2020, Kaiyi Hyunjie Auto and Auto Life Network (Spicy Auto Market) held #hyunjiezhenghong to explore China's intoxicated red leaves and proud tour#, October 22-11 On the 1st of the month, there was a 11-day tour of western Sichuan. Photographers were to be recruited, and Xuanjie paid for the entire cost. After signing up, I was honored to be selected as the only photographer recruited this time to participate in #xuanjiezhenghong to explore Chinese drunkenness. Beautiful Red Leaves Aojiao Tour# event.

III. Photography interview topic

In 2020, at the invitation of relevant websites and magazines, I will do several interviews and topics. In 2020 In April, the "Photo World" Super Member Club launched the "Weekly Star" column, which introduced members and works to excellent super members in the form of interviews. I was fortunate to be on the first issue of the column, "Photo World Super Member Weekly Star — —Zhou Jianshe" mainly includes photography resumes, photographers who have had a great influence on me, the relationship between photography and work, winning experience and experience, etc. Link: July 2020 , Visual Brigade conducted an exclusive interview with me, "Interview with Photographers | Zhou Jianjian: Drawing the "Ideal World" in the Mind with Light", the main contents are, photography resume, deep impressions in photography creation, photography harvest, before and after photography The relationship between period and landscape photography skills, etc. Link: In December 2020, the 12th issue of "Photography World" magazine published a 6-page personal topic, "Lens" The topic "Drawing a Colorful Future" mainly introduces: personal photography resume, relationship with photography and gains, how to improve photography level, understanding of photography and prospects for future photography.

4. Entering the Provincial Evaluation Association with a new goal. I wanted to do it in the same year and complete the results in the same year.

In 2019, I basically met the conditions for entering the China Photographers Association. After that, I was thinking about new goals. In the summer of 2020, I will enter Sichuan Province. Idea of ​​the Literary and Art Critic Year Association. After understanding the conditions and procedures for membership, I conceived to write a literary and art critique, based on my understanding and prospect of photography art based on what I have seen and heard about photography over the years and my personal feelings and perceptions, I wrote "Innovative Presentation Methods to Infuse New Photography into Photography" "Life" was the first literary review. (The article was awarded by the 17th Sichuan Photographic Art Exhibition The gold-winning anti-epidemic work "Isolation Day" has its unique arrangement and presentation as the theme. The subject of photographic works, the basic principles and innovations of group photo editing, and the current technological development are profoundly changing the way the photographic works are presented and presented. , as well as the prediction of future photography and the new requirements for photographers in the new era are discussed, which should have a certain guiding reference for the development of photography in the new era. ) Work link: and then published "Works in the United Nations Exhibition may not be the capital for you to show off", which successfully passed the review of the Provincial Evaluation Association and joined the Municipal Evaluation Association by the way. , Although this is the first time to write a literary review, it has a high starting point. In October 2020, it was published on the websites of national professional journals such as the China Literature and Art Critics Association and China Photography News. The photos were taken through the Municipal Photographic Association District Photographic Association and the Provincial Photographic Association... Step by step, and after wandering in the Provincial Photographic Association for a long time, it was adopted by the China Photographic Association. Although it is the first time to write, it has been accumulated for many years. I collected photos with the China Evaluation Association in the past few years, and pulled me into the China Evaluation Association group. The teacher's encouragement and support are inseparable from the work style and efficiency of the Municipal Evaluation Association and the Provincial Evaluation Association. (We have rewards for literary and art associations above the municipal level). Joining the Provincial Appraisal Association really achieved what I wanted to do in the same year and completed the results in the same year. Aim for one article per quarter in 2021.

V. Learning and training

Actively participate in valuable photography training and online learning, and several online training seminars organized by groups are not bad (because of the epidemic, many trainings also cancelled). In September 2020, he participated in the training course on news photography business for contract photographers hosted by the Sichuan Branch of Xinhua News Agency. In November 2020, he was selected to participate in the Beijing Photography Correspondence Institute of the China Photographers Association, the first national city and county-level photography talent training class of the "Spring Breeze Project".

5. Various awards are published continuously

In 2020, the awards will continue to be awarded, and they have been published in the "China Photography News", "People's Photography News", "Photo World" and other professional Photographic journals and media at all levels published photographic works. The winning works mainly include: "Beautiful China" 2020 Tourism Landscape Photography Competition (National Tourism Brand project 〖Beautiful China-Beautiful China〗) Excellence Award; won the People's Photography "Golden Lens" News Photography Excellence Award and exhibited at the Pingyao International Photography Exhibition in China; selected for the 6th Shanghai International Nature Conservation Week "All things have animism, mirror view" "Nature" theme photography exhibition; selected for the "Visual New State-owned Enterprise Avenue Kangzhuang" financial media works exhibition hosted by the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, Beijing International Photography Week Organizing Committee, China Central Radio and Television News Media Center, and China Picture Group, and held in Beijing International Photography Week Exhibition; won the "Hainan Free Trade Port Waiting for You" 2020 Hainan Free Trade Port Tourism Photography Competition sponsored by the Hainan Provincial Department of Tourism and Culture; won the People's Photography "Liulin Wine Industry" Cup National Poverty Alleviation Excellent News Photography Award , and was selected as the editor-in-chief of the China Press Photo Society and the People's Photography News Agency, "Solemn Promise - Excellent Photography Collection of China's Poverty Alleviation" published by Xinhua Publishing House; won the China Photography Golden Dragon Award; selected in the 17th Sichuan Photographic Art Exhibition; Won the Excellence Award in the "Anti-epidemic Memory in the Lens" Photography Competition of Sichuan Province and was collected by the Sichuan Provincial Archives; Won the Excellence Award in the 2019 "China Telecom Tianyi Full Netcom National Mobile Phone Image Competition" Annual Finals; Won the 3rd "Concentrating Cup" "The third prize of the National Environmental Photography Competition; won the gold medal in the industry and architecture category of the 10th National Photography Art Exhibition in Hong Kong.... In 2020, the apprentices have also gone up a few levels in photography and achieved fruitful harvests.

Six. More reading and learning in 2021

This pile of photography books has been accumulated over the years, with prizes and photography friends I gave it, and I bought it online. Basically, I just looked it up and didn’t read it. In 2021, in addition to daily photography creation and submission, I will take more time to read books, learn more, and write more articles.

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