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Design of Longquan Tea House | Green celadon, tea fragrance

2023-02-06 19:14:10 [Share Photography ]
Design of Longquan Tea House | Green celadon, tea fragrance

Seven bowls are delicious, and one pot is really interesting. If you hold a hundred thousand verses empty, it is better to have tea.
Longquan, a small town located on the borders of Zhejiang, Fujian and Jiangxi, the unique terrain and warm climate together create a beautiful scenery of smoke curling and bamboo shadows, and also gave birth to the millennium origin of Longquan, celadon and tea. Longquan Impression is such a cultural exhibition center that integrates celadon, tea, and sword culture, and carries the dual functions of sales and experience. In the space creation of this case, the designer subverts the convention, integrates the two typical Chinese traditional cultures of porcelain culture and tea culture into a minimalist aesthetic context, showing a pioneering design aesthetics in the details. The exhibition hall covers an area of ​​about 600 square meters. When the ceramic pieces collide with the self-developed metal hardware, a wonderful chemical reaction occurs. The continuous semi-transparent design not only ensures the sense of privacy, but also expands the space. The two different texture materials ingeniously connect the inner and outer spaces, and also make this surreal form of space deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Walking into the interior of the hall, wood and warm colors bring a natural and simple atmosphere to the space. The first floor undertakes the function of reception + leisure, and continues the semi-open feeling of the façade in the creation of space. Floor-to-ceiling windows in the tea room offer sweeping views, and documentaries about tea are scrolled on a display screen on a long wooden platform. The design of the second floor of the exhibition hall is more inclined to sales + experience. Wood, stone and kabulon are used together to create display booths. Tea, porcelain and swords for sale are displayed row by row on the exhibition shelves. The irregular shape on the top of the building It creates conditions for the free movement of light and shadow, and also brings a little interest to the space. In addition to the commodity display area, there is also a closed office reception room on the second floor of the exhibition hall. The floor-to-ceiling windows on both sides make the space bright and transparent. It faces the 3D ink painting on the entire wall, bringing the outdoor scenery into the room and forming a linkage between the virtual and the real. , so that everyone who enters can feel the beauty of nature to the greatest extent. Chinese people love tea, because of its high-spiritedness of "non-leaf, non-flower, and fragrance". There are nine times out of ten things that go wrong in life, success or adversity, but they are all external things. Burn a stick of sandalwood, make tea and drink tea, and read a book you love carefully. Even if Mount Tai collapses in front of you, you can still wander freely. Go for tea. Project Name: Longquan Impression. Tea Space Project Address: Longquan City, Lishui Project Area: 600㎡ Main Project Design: Cheng Chao Participated in Design: Tian Jiahui, Zou Xiaoming, Zheng Defeng Design Company: Hangzhou Xiangnei Cultural Creative Co., Ltd. Note: The copyright of space design belongs to Hangzhou All rights reserved by Xiangnei Cultural and Creative Co., Ltd. Please do not reprint for commercial purposes.

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