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Antique photography showdown, who is the king of portraits between Canon EOS R5 and Sony A7R4?

2023-02-06 12:58:07 [Photography art ]
Antique photography showdown, who is the king of portraits between Canon EOS R5 and Sony A7R4?

​Since I started photography, two voices have always echoed around me. What kind of camera is more suitable for shooting girls? Let's look down a little bit with this question in mind. (Guess which camera took them) I deliberately chose two photos taken directly from the two cameras in cloudy weather for comparison, because we often have cloudy days in Chengdu, and there are only 200 sunny days in 10 years. Cameras present an even bigger challenge. Why choose these two machines? The reason for choosing these two machines for comparison is that most of my antique photography classes are quasi-professionals and many antique lovers, and these two machines also represent the top quality performance of Canon and Sony full-frame. There are many friends who like to ask me how to choose these two machines. My suggestion is to try to choose the one that is easy to produce in the early stage and easy to color in the later stage. In this way, more energy can be devoted to aesthetics and creation. With this idea, we can just test these two popular models. In addition, many freelance portrait photographers are now engaged in Taobao and guest films. If you spend too much time in post-production, it will not be worth the loss. Efficiency is king. Canon EOS R5 vs Sony A7R4, we will not do a video comparison between these two devices today, because the R5 is definitely overwhelming in this regard. Since my old business is to shoot portraits, photos are the main video, so I will I only explain it to everyone on the photos, and the skin color and focus and high-sensitivity performance of the portraits cannot be avoided. Top Portrait Lens + Same Parameters, Same Angle + Straight Out Color Contrast In this comparison, I took top portrait lenses from two brands. Canon is RF70-200 2.8L and RF85 1.2L, while Sony is RF70-200 2.8L and RF85 1.2L FE70-200 2.8GM and FE85 1.4GM. In order to ensure the fairness of this comparison, the two machines will be set to exactly the same parameters, shot at the same angle, and both are original images in JPG format, without color correction, so that everyone can see their images more intuitively. The difference, so that you can choose the machine that suits you. In order to ensure the comprehensiveness of the test, I will conduct this time from natural light and artificial light sources. The comparison of natural light will be carried out from three dimensions: front light, backlight and low light. 1. Color contrast under natural light 1. In the photo taken with the light, the sun shines on the model's sleeve, and the face is in diffuse light. Under the same conditions, the camera can see that the skin tone on the left is comfortable and normal, the white inside is reddish, the right side is a bit bluish as a whole, the dark part is bluish green, and the face lacks some healthy skin tone. Let's take a look at the details of the skin under the sun: from the above picture, we can see that the skin texture and fineness of the above picture are more textured than the picture below, and the skin color is more in line with the aesthetics of most people. Let's see if your guesses are accurate or not, and reveal the answer. 1. Canon on the left side of the picture. On the Sony A7R4 with a higher pixel of 61 million. 2. Backlight shooting Next, let's take a look at the advantages of both sides in backlighting. (reflectors and fill lights are not applicable) In the case of this group of exterior side backlighting, Canon's skin tone is more ruddy and Sony's skin tone is cooler. 3. Large backlight In the case of large backlight, the Sony in the picture on the right is a little out of focus, the skin tone is darker and darker, and the Canon is more ruddy and the backlight color is comfortable. 4. Low-light shooting Let's take a look at the shooting of these two high-pixel cameras in low-light environments. We tested their skin color performance at ISO1600, 3200, 6400, and 12800 on a normal cloudy day and in Jinli, Chengdu at 2 a.m. and noise. In the constant color temperature of 5100k on a cloudy day, Canon's overall red is more realistic, close to the naked eye, and the skin is reddish and bloody, while Sony's overall is colder and redder. Therefore, on a cloudy day, the skin tone of the Canon EOS R5 is more tender and redder than that of the Sony A7R4, and the color reproduction is also very high. Now let's test the high-sensitivity performance 1. The noise difference between ISO1600 and ISO1600 is not so obvious, but it can be seen from the hair details and out-of-focus that the noise of the Sony A7R4 is more than that of the Canon EOS R5, and the color of the entire Canon is better. Vibrant, more color details, Sony is relatively more elegant. 2. At ISO3200, we compared the noise outside the focus at ISO3200. The noise control of the Canon EOS R5 is still stronger than that of the Sony A7R4. 3. When the ISO6400 is at ISO6400, the highlight details of the R5 in the focus are better preserved and sharper. There's not much noise to see, and the A7R4 is slowly blurring. 4. ISO12800 In the extreme environment of ISO12800, Canon EOS R5 is still usable even if it is magnified so many times, and A7R4 has already appeared a lot of noise. From the comparison, you can see that in cloudy days and low light, when shooting with high ISO, the color of the A7R4 is obvious at 3200, and the skin tone is relatively dull. In contrast, the R5's pictures still maintain a relatively good color reproduction, especially the skin color can maintain a fair and ruddy skin tone without sufficient light, and the noise control is also very good, even the high sense of 12800 is still available. 2. Color comparison of artificial fill light shooting Canon EOS R5 aperture F1.4 exposure time 1/800s focal length 85 ISO400 Sony A7R4 aperture F1.4 exposure time 1/800s focal length 85 ISO400 I used a 200W LED fill light with a color temperature of 5200k to fill the model's face, and properly used an ISO of 400 to get a slightly brighter background. As can be seen from the comparison chart, the A7R4 is still greener than the Canon EOS R5, and it also looks grayer, and the characters appear flat as a whole; while the pictures taken by the R5 are more rosy and more pleasing. I have always used JPG as a comparison. Next, I used two RAWs with the same parameters and the same camera position to throw them into PS, without making any changes, let’s see the comparison between the two. 3. Comparison of RAW In the comparison of retouching on RAW, the Sony A7R4 on the right should be adjusted to R5 and at least 3-4 more layers should be used. The Canon EOS R5 is relatively simple and effective in the later stage, while the A7R4 requires several specialized layers to modify the skin, which undoubtedly adds difficulty for novices. In general, through the comparison of several different scenes and the comparison of JPG and RAW, the color of Canon EOS R5 is still much better than that of A7R4. Whether it is from the background color restoration or the skin tone moisturizing, the R5 has a very good performance; while the A7R4's photos are a little blue overall, the highlight protection is a little bit worse, and some are gray. It takes more work, while the post-modification of R5 is simpler. Test Summary In this evaluation, I focused on the performance of Canon EOS R5 and Sony A7R4 in terms of color and skin tone, mainly to help you better find a machine suitable for antique shooting in the early stage and later stage. Through the real shooting performance, it can be concluded that the overall JPG of A7R4 is gray and dull, and the ancient style of JPG is more difficult to modify than R5 in the later stage, and whether it is in outdoor natural light (sunlight, backlight, low light), or in artificial light. On occasions, the color reproduction of the A7R4 is slightly weaker than that of the R5, which will bring a lot of trouble to the photographers engaged in ancient Taobao portrait photography in the later stage. The clothes cannot be restored to the naked eye, and the efficiency is greatly reduced; The Canon EOS R5 can have good color reproduction performance in these occasions, and the skin color of the characters is basically fair, ruddy, and translucent, which is more popular among the public and photographers in portrait photography. In low-light and high-sensitivity shooting and cloudy shooting, the noise performance of the R5 is also much stronger than that of the A7R4, and it also has a great advantage in the low camera position when the screen is flipped. In terms of pixels, the R5's 45-megapixel is much more practical than the 61-megapixel A7R4 in terms of high-sensitivity noise control and computer configuration requirements. Overall, when shooting portraits, the Canon EOS R5 outperforms the Sony A7R4 in all aspects. R5 is less stressful for professional portrait photographers and ordinary beginners, and less workload for photographers engaged in clothing shooting. It also has powerful video functions. If the budget is sufficient, I would recommend Canon. EOS R5. The original article is from @madmanCharles, authorized to reprint, please do not publish it without authorization from the original author.

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