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Scenery|Floating melons sinking plums, ice trays on snow thresholds, dog days of the ancients

2023-03-31 02:00:59 [Light ]
Scenery|Floating melons sinking plums, ice trays on snow thresholds, dog days of the ancients

Recently, high temperature warnings have been reported frequently in many parts of the country. Falling into the abyss, 2022 has entered the hottest time of the year, ushering in a long summer. Until August 24th, there are 40 dog days in total. Spicy Dog Days Photo by Liu Yonghua "When the summer solstice meets the third Geng, it is the first fu, the fourth geng is the middle fu, and after the beginning of the autumn, the first geng is the last fu, which is called the three fu." Entering Fu day is generally between the minor heat and the end of the summer heat, "fu" refers to Yin qi is forced by yang qi to hide in the ground. In ancient times, Fusun was also a season that people paid more attention to. Fu Hongzhu, a new cicada, recorded in the Book of Han that on dog days, Emperor Wu of the Han issued an edict to give meat, and ministers were ordered to come. Said: "Go home early in the day", and went home with the meat. After the chief meat official reported the report, Emperor Wu of Han asked Dongfang Shuo to reflect on himself without waiting for an edict. Dongfang Shuo said: "It is rude to receive a gift without waiting for an edict! Pulling a sword to cut meat is so strong! Xijun, what kind of benevolence you are." Emperor Wu of Han said with a smile: "To make Mr. self-blame, is to blame himself!" He also gave a stone of wine and a hundred catties of meat, and asked him to go home and take it to his wife. Xia Hua Liao Chen photographed the Tang Dynasty's "Sui Xia Ji" records: "Four days, give the prime minister, the scholar mash juice, the Jing Yin, the princess, the concubine honey and the mash." "Sui Shi Ji" also contains: "The capital During the three volts, only the historians gave the ice buns, and the hundred ministers were off. From the beginning of the fu day, they gave ice to the close ministers every day, four boxes, and six times. They also gave the ice buns, three grades and yellow silk as a bag, and one honey. utensils." On the dog days, the emperor would give ministers some seasonal food to cool off the heat. Bamboo Leaf Photo by Liao Chen has not yet entered the dog days this year, and there are many areas with high temperature weather. In ancient times without air conditioning, how to escape the heat has also become an important issue for everyone. The Tang Dynasty's "Fengshi Wen Jian Ji" recorded: "In Tianbao, the imperial censor Wang Yu was guilty of death, and the county official book recorded the Taipingfang house, which could not be visited for several days. Note, when it is in summer, it is as cold as high autumn. There are also Baodian wells, I don’t know the price, and he is called it.” The extravagant people use ingenuity to draw water on the roof to dissipate heat, even in summer, it is like autumn. Photographed by Zhang Jiming of the Lotus Pond, it is written in "Tokyo Dream Hualu": ​​"Kyoto people are the heaviest, and there is no season in June. Often, there are wind pavilions and waterside pavilions, tall buildings, ice trays on snow thresholds, floating melons and sinking plums, and flowing cups. Qu marsh, including fresh lotus, far and wide, singing and singing, all at night.” Going to the wind pavilion and the waterside pavilion to wind the wind, the cool melons and fruits in the well water, and the fish wrapped in lotus leaves are probably the way more people can enjoy the summer heat. . There are also a lot of seasonal foods during the three periods. At the time of the fall, the wheat harvest was less than a month, and the barn was full. It was just the time to use this time to beat the teeth. Shi Fu La, cook lamb, fight wine and work for yourself." The ancients used to call the summer heat an evil qi, and drinking alcohol to avoid evil is also indispensable. Take the lotus leaves to hold the wine, pierce the leaves and petioles, and the curved stems and wheels are like elephant trunks. The wine taste is mixed with the cold fragrance of lotus leaves, which clears the heat and relieves heat. In addition to drinking alcohol, drinking aconite decoction is also known in ancient times. Aconite, Poria, ginseng, Atractylodes, and peony are boiled into decoctions to invigorate the spleen and remove dampness. Cut Meat Photo by Li Zanyang Now that there is an air conditioner, the intolerance of summer is greatly reduced. Netizens always joke that "the life of summer is given by the air conditioner". But even with air conditioning, I probably wouldn't refuse to order some iced watermelon or a bowl of cool and sweet mung bean soup. The special Suzhou-style mung bean soup is made by soaking and steaming glutinous rice and mung beans. When drinking, add green and red silk, candied dates and mint water, and all the dryness and heat will disappear in one sip. Suzhou-style mung bean soup Photo by Liao Chen Prepare watermelon and mung bean soup to welcome this hot summer. Quiet wheat field photographed by Zhou Junfeng with Lotus rhyme Zhejiang Xiaotian | Liao Chen Source: Uni Lvtu Community Image copyright belongs to the photographer, please do not reprint without permission. #This year there are 40 days in the dog days# #photography# #夏#

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