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The beautiful daughter-in-law was persuaded by her father-in-law to find extramarital love, but her husband was silent

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The beautiful daughter-in-law was persuaded by her father-in-law to find extramarital love, but her husband was silent

Partial details of Botticelli's "Spring" Today, I will tell you a poignant love story and a world famous painting drawn in a secret love. Let's start with this love story: the heroine of the story is called Simonetta, she is a famous beauty in the 15th century Renaissance. Simonetta is beautiful, but life is unfortunate. She got married when she was 15 or 6 years old, married to a rich man. But because of his amazing beauty, he became a tool for his father-in-law to please the nobles. Created on the basis of Simonetta, Botticelli's "The Birth of Venus" Simonetta was born in 1454. She has a good figure, fair skin, delicate facial features, a pair of beautiful black eyes, and a pale head. Blonde hair. She is known as the most moving woman in the Renaissance, and has a high popularity throughout Florence, Italy. At that time, the top giants in Florence, the two sons of the Medici family: Lorenzo and Giuliano, both took a fancy to Simonetta. After a series of competitions, Giuliano got Simonetta. But not long after the two got married, Simonetta contracted tuberculosis and died not long after, at the age of 22. Venus Simonetta, who was created based on Simonetta, lived with her mother since she was a child. Her mother was quite scheming and means, and the two husbands she even married were wealthy figures. From a young age, Simonetta is no stranger to the real life in the giants. At the age of fifteen or sixteen, Simonetta married a nobleman. The other party took a fancy to her beauty and the family behind her. To get more benefits, Simonetta's father-in-law even encouraged her to establish third-party love with other men. The object her father-in-law is looking for is: the Medici family, the top wealthy family in Florence. Later, Simonetta was dedicated to Giuliano, the second son of the Medici family, and the husband's family exchanged more honor and status. In this record of Botticelli's "Spring", Simonetta's former husband seems to have been silent on this matter, and he did not make many appearances. Simonetta is like a commodity with beauty and use value, which was ushered and sent by the powerful, ending her flowery life and dying. Botticelli painted The Birth of Venus in 1485, nine years after Simonetta's death. Botticelli had a crush on Simonetta for many years. The protagonist in the painting "The Birth of Venus" was painted on the basis of Simonetta. Botticelli used superb skills to freeze the beautiful Simonetta. On the screen, many viewers were amazed. Partial details of Botticelli's "Spring" Here, let's talk about the painting "The Birth of Venus" in detail. The painting is: the goddess Venus in ancient Roman mythology, the scene where she was born from the ocean. According to ancient epics, Venus was the daughter of the god Uranus. The relationship between the gods in the sky is complicated and there are constant disputes. One day, Uranos was cut off by his son, a piece of flesh, which fell into the sea, and the sea immediately stirred up a bubble, and in this bubble, was born. Goddess Venus. "The Birth of Venus" is Venus in the middle, the wind god on the left, and the god of spring on the right. Venus is the goddess of power, beauty and sex. The Venus painted by Botticelli has a slender figure and delicate facial features. Has beautiful long blonde hair. Her left and right hands are lightly raised, gently covering body parts. Venus is standing on a seashell in the foam in the sea. As for the middle of the picture, on her left is the god of wind, blowing Venus to the shore; on her right is the god of spring, holding a large red embroidered cloak. , ready to put her on. The composition of the whole painting is simple, elegant and moving. Venus' golden hair is really painted with gold. When looking at the original work of "The Birth of Venus", it is easy to be attracted by the beautiful long golden hair of Venus in the painting. Behind this painting, Botticelli's scheming is actually hidden: the goddess has long pale golden hair, and the golden pigment used is large pieces of real gold. Botticelli grinds the gold into thin gold foil, Pieces of pieces are skillfully pasted onto the painting, which makes the Venus in the painting, the breathtaking beauty and luster. The painter Botticelli used his superb skills and techniques to keep the image of the goddess, Simonetta, who has been secretly in love for many years, forever in this "The Birth of Venus". After hundreds of years, he is still impressed Everyone, let this beauty be passed on. Botticelli had a crush on Simonetta and never got married in his life. He once requested that after his death, he would be buried in the church where Simonetta's cemetery is located, and stay by her side forever. This deep love and infatuation is really touching. Friends, what do you think of this love story and the painting "The Birth of Venus"? Welcome to exchange and discuss in the message area. If you like it, please like and follow. I am silent and continue to share interesting and interesting works. If you like this article, please help to like, comment, forward and bookmark it, it is the driving force of creation for me. The articles that have been updated are: So many body art paintings, what do you think? Painting a fat woman sells for 390 million, and paints the Queen of England as old and ugly, the most expensive painter in the world. The beauty in his paintings: fair skin, tender body, beautiful body, cute and charming The picture comes from the Internet, the copyright belongs to the original author, infringement delete

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