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What are the recommended camera bags for Leica cameras?

2023-02-06 21:03:44 [the scenery ]
What are the recommended camera bags for Leica cameras?

▲Dominic Verhulst Leica Q2 Reporter camera and Buckingham Mini Eventer camera bag ▲Dominic Verhulst has many fans inquiring about the Leica camera camera bag suitable for street shooting. It is light, compact, and...upscale! So today we will introduce to you several Buckingham compact camera bags suitable for Leica cameras. Buckingham MINI EVENTE The Buckingham MINI EVENTE is a new addition to the Buckingham camera bag range and is ideal for carrying and protecting small mirrorless camera kits, rangefinders and mid-size DSLRs, and also features a fit for an 11-inch iPad or tablet Space. It can well meet the needs of daily shooting. It can hold one camera with two mirrors or one camera, one mirror and one flash, which is very suitable for friends who like to sweep the streets. More than that, the Mini Eventer adds some extra features to enhance the bag's usefulness, functionality, and portability. The Mini Eventer features a newly developed handle for better comfort and enhanced grip. The carry handle improvements are modeled on the Hadley Small Pro handle and are reinforced with fiberglass to reduce stress. ——Added a durable luggage strap on the back of the bag to secure the bag to the trunk, a very popular feature among customers who travel frequently ——Main compartment features dual Head weatherproof zipper for multiple protection in heavy rain. ——The weatherproof zippered pocket on the back of the bag can safely store and protect important documents. The size is between two of Billingham's best-selling products, the Hadley Small Pro and the Hadley Pro 2020, and is designed to meet the needs of customers who both love the Eventer design style and want a more portable size camera bag. Like all Billingham bags, the Mini Eventer is constructed of either three-layer waterproof canvas or three-layer waterproof nylon cloth material, neither of which require re-proofing to remain waterproof. Compared with other styles, the Mini Eventer is special in that the high-grade grain leather starts from the bottom and covers one-third of the body of the bag. This design will better protect the bag and prolong its service life. Buckingham Hadley Digital The Hadley Digital is the smallest bag in the Buckingham Hadley range, ideal for carrying a light compact combination and the perfect companion for a Leica rangefinder/compact camera. Using the quick system of single buckle, it is super easy to open and close with one hand, helping you to capture the "heart" moment. ▲Dominic Verhulst (@dominicverhulst on IG) Leica Q2 Monochrom with navy blue Hadley Digital Although small, it can fit a medium-sized SLR camera with the lens down (as long as the lens is not too large), or even side by side The next two compact cameras. ▲bibolden on IG The Leica V-Lux5 camera is an ideal photography tool for travel, sports and outdoors. The set version is matched with this Buckingham Hadley Digital camera bag. Buckingham Hadley Small PRO▲happyaprilboy (on IG) Hadley Small Pro is an upgraded version of Hadley Small. This one has a relatively larger capacity and is also one of the most popular backpacks in Buckingham. It is suitable for daily use with large and medium-sized cameras and a lens. Travel, such as the Leica SL series cameras. The design follows the classic, the size is more everyday, and the internal padding is removable, making it perfect for professional commuting - the waterproof chain in the back pocket of the bag provides all-round protection without dead ends. Comes with luggage straps, it is convenient to fix the camera bag directly on the luggage trolley. ——Made with 3 layers of waterproof canvas or 3 layers of waterproof FibreNyte material. Can hold a mirrorless triple mirror, or a medium-sized SLR camera (without battery grip, eg Canon 5 D Mk4 comes with a 24-70mm f2.8 lens and a 24-105mm lens). Every Billingham Buckingham is a unique piece of work. If you want more details or other help, please pm us and we will help you find your favorite camera bag. Looking forward to experiencing different stories with you

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