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The ability to capture light and shadow is a prerequisite for a photographer to create excellent works

2023-02-06 07:29:25 [Dark ]
The ability to capture light and shadow is a prerequisite for a photographer to create excellent works

No matter why you came into contact with photography, I believe that if you have some experience in photography, you will realize the importance of light to photography. Light can be described as the soul of photography, there is light and there is shadow. Photography is to rely on light to capture images, and to form real image effects through light. This technique contains superb observation concepts and techniques for capturing moments of light and shadow, which freeze the beauty of moments.

Photographic light capture:

To capture light, you must first have a complete understanding of light. Light energy affects composition, light energy affects color, light energy affects the line shape of the picture, light energy affects the texture of the picture, and light can also deepen the artistic conception of the picture. Light can be divided into hard light and soft light according to its nature; according to its direction, it can be divided into smooth light, side light, back light and top light. Combined with the process of the rising and setting of the sun, the light atmosphere of the day can be changed to sunrise and sunset light, normal light, top light, and night low light. If a photographer wants to capture light, he must be predictable in the observation of light, and must have sufficient understanding of the changing law of light and the characteristics of the scene light. Combined with the shooting scene, which light is most suitable for the expression of the subject, and whether the photographer can clearly aware.

Photography to capture shadows:

The word capture of shadows shows that photography is not an act of waiting, it is timely, which is what we call the decisive moment. When the peculiar light and shadow scene appears on the shooting scene, can the photographer be able to move quickly, with quick eyes and hands, and lose no time to capture this perfect moment? Shadow capture puts forward higher requirements for photographers. It requires photographers to look at the world with an aesthetic heart and express the world with a pair of observational eyes in their daily shooting training. Photographers should constantly learn the basics of photography. First of all, they should understand the relationship between elements such as points, lines, surfaces, tones and other elements in the management of the photographic image, and fully understand the composition forms, such as the rule of thirds, diagonal composition, symmetrical composition, and triangle. The basis of composition, curve composition, etc., develop the habit of picture management, use modeling techniques to express, and finally have a clear understanding of the shadow of the shadow, and this moment is to test the photographer's ability to integrate human and machine, The picture to be expressed is shot and frozen by skillfully manipulating the camera. Light has various manifestations, and the impact of light on photography is heavyweight. Photographers can choose the most suitable form to express the characteristics of the subject, express their emotions, capture light and shadow, and deepen the artistic conception of the picture. This article was originally created by Zhao Xusheng, please contact us for reprinting and indicate the source. Some pictures are from the Internet and are only for display, thank you for sharing. Introduction to Zhao Xusheng's Art: Zhao Xusheng, born in Suiping County, Henan Province, graduated from the Literature Department of Henan University in the 1980s. He is a photographer, writer, aerial photography expert, senior media person, deputy editor-in-chief of central media, chief reporter, and reporter of hundreds of Chinese media. Alliance initiator and chief lecturer of Zhao Xusheng's Photography Camp.

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