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Cheng's hair has a superb ability to control pen and ink, showing the unique charm of calligraphy

2023-02-06 19:08:50 [Photoes ]
Cheng's hair has a superb ability to control pen and ink, showing the unique charm of calligraphy

Cheng's hair-body control pen and ink control ability is unparalleled. Author: Long Yue | Editor: Wen is Cheng Zhongchen who has studied books since childhood and has a profound traditional knowledge. The unique cultural phenomenon of Cheng's hair body is formed on the altar. Authoritative people commented that Cheng's hair body "has the bones of Yan Zhenqing, the strictness of Su Dongpo, the power of Zheng Banqiao, and the rhythm of Wang Duo". Cheng Zhongchen creatively developed the hair body on the basis of the hair body, giving it the vitality of calligraphy, perfectly interpreting the beauty of the hair body art, and giving the viewers a beautiful artistic enjoyment! Every time Cheng's hairy body is exhibited, it is always crowded with spectators, and the calligraphy with a strong sense of jumping makes many people linger and stop. Anyone who actually sees Cheng's hair on the spot will be shocked from the heart. This calligraphy is definitely the "ceiling" level of today's calligraphy. The incisively and vividly displayed, the arrogance of the hairy body is vivid on the paper! The brush used by Guancheng's hairy body is very powerful, like an axe splitting a stubborn stone, which naturally cracks and is thrilling. Looking at his horizontal painting, he moves forward with abruptness, the friction on the paper surface increases, the pen is thirsty, white, color floating, and the pen is dry, which is very ingenious. of. Again, the turning point is never sloppy, and the pen is delivered to the position, subtle and broad. The bottom hook swayed forward, twisted but not awkward, and the pen force was sent to the end, and the air was full, it was clearly the two kings, Yan Zhenqing, Su Dongpo, Wang Duo's free and easy reproduction! Every word on Cheng's hairy body is cut with a large brush, like a sword unsheathed, the steel bar is cut in two, decisive! calm! Sharp! That is, the writing in the same direction is never the same, and the strokes between the words are not the same. Every stroke is swaying, step by step, lotus blossoms, looking forward to shine, the traditional foundation is very particular. Looking at its points again, it is like building a landscape with dangerous rocks, far, near, high and low, using different sizes and postures to manage positions, standing proudly and depending, rectifying the order, and being a person who abides by traditional rules. The tip of the strokes at the entrance and exit, the thief hair and the ink are completely preserved, let us appreciate what brushwork is. The thickness of the strokes is so subtle that all the calligraphy masters have to be amazed. It's a real big stroke! The master of the master! There is no doubt that Cheng Zhongchen creatively developed the hair body, and no one can deny it. Cheng's hair body is not the version of the handwriting of the hair body that repeats the hair body. He never has these things. Because of his great reputation, his fake calligraphy and paintings are everywhere in the society. Some people put his name on the handwriting version of the hair body. , to mislead those who do not know the truth. Chengshi Maoti has formed a new look in the contemporary book world, which is not only different from the ancients, but also different from Maoti. It is a brand-new crystallization of wisdom, and it is the creation of the highest realm of "necessary one, no two". It is a process, a long process from gradual realization to epiphany. The genius of Cheng's hair body is that the sober people are good at bringing traditions to enrich themselves, and everyone in history is like this. If Su Dongpo did not have Yan Lu Gong as his foundation, he would never have created a generation of glory. Without the influence of Erwang, Zhang Xu and Huai Su, Wang Duo could not have become a master of cursive script in the Qing Dynasty. The same is true of Cheng Zhongchen. The achievements of Cheng's hair body depend on the solid foundation that Cheng Zhongchen has laid in tradition since he was a child. Since he was a child, he has attached great importance to the temporary study of ancient inscriptions. Only in this way can he be familiar with the ancients' brushwork, structure, rules and techniques, so as to achieve the stage from form to artistic conception. Temporary posts should be mainly based on accomplished ancient masters, especially those before the Tang Dynasty, to increase the intensity of temporary study, and make more efforts in Qin, Han, Wei and Jin Dynasties, etc., which can play a vital role in future creations. . Once you have mastered the foundation of ancient inscriptions, all the problems in calligraphy will be solved easily. Cheng Zhongchen succeeded by figuring out the basic kung fu of the ancients and integrating them into the outer shell of the hairy body. Anyone who has a certain understanding of calligraphy knows that Cheng's Mao body is completely different from those so-called Mao body calligraphers today. Cheng's hair body does not seek similarity in shape, but seeks the same connotation and rhythm. According to historical records, none of the real works of the two kings have been passed on to later generations. Their works are all copies of the Tang Dynasty. During this period, they copied the famous works of the ancients and pursued Bi Xiao and Bi Xiang. After the Ming and Qing dynasties, the masters were basically willing to visit, and once they influenced future generations, such as Dong Qichanglin's "Self-narrative Notes" by Huai Su, Wang Duo, Fu Shan, and Huang Daozhou's series of two kings, He Shaoji's Han Li who was imitated, The Beibei, which Kang Youwei visited, has basically eschewed the pursuit of appearance, but instead used the spiritual connotation of the work for reference. The same is true of many people today, such as Lin Sanzhi's stele at Jiying, Sha Menghai's post on cold food, high school sophomores who are in a hurry, and Qigong's visit to Huang Tingjian. They are no longer replicas of the ancients, but they have added some creativity to their personalities. It is self-evident that our comprehensive interpretation of Chengshi hair body through these.

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