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Childhood Memories: High Wall Siheyuan

2023-02-06 12:21:08 [Photography art ]
Childhood Memories: High Wall Siheyuan

Green stone bricks, gray high walls, and one-story bungalows form a large southern courtyard with more than 50 families. My childhood and teenage years were spent here. In the 1960s and 1970s, this courtyard house was still quite scenic in the city. Two large black lacquered wooden doors nearly five meters high, open in the morning and closed at night. Before liberation, this was the Kuomintang County Taxation Headquarters. It is said that a large amount of tax stamps and counterfeit banknotes were stored at that time. Sentinels guarded this important place every day. The courtyard looked gloomy and solemn. After the liberation of the hometown, the compound used to serve as a short-term school for training cadres, and later it gradually evolved into a large dormitory for the cadres of the county government. People from various bureaus and offices moved in one after another. At that time, most of the cadres were young bachelors, and the lone men and widows still maintained the tranquility of the compound. In the late 1950s and 1960s, when the people were getting married and prospering, and each family had more than one baby and one girl, the compound really started to become lively. When I was vaguely sensible, I remembered that there were four long gardens in the compound. In addition to the evergreens planted on the edges, there were grapes, plantains, cactus and dahlias in the gardens, and there was a water well with a depth of seven or eight meters on the ancient side of the courtyard. At first, there were many adults and few children, and the green trees and flowers were safe and sound; as the years did not grow, the children were busy, and the green plants were covered in bruises and bruises. By the time I was about ten years old, there were only more than twenty eucalyptus sycamore trees and two eucalyptus trees in the courtyard. Apart from the old vines, there are no flowers and trees to be admired. Later, the dark soil in the garden was also tightly covered by the cold cement and soil. Except for the soil that no longer covered the cloth shoes and trousers on rainy days, the "cubs" did not dare to be too presumptuous when they wrestled and rolled on the ground. . At the beginning of the "Cultural Revolution", the world outside the high walls was full of turmoil, and the parents of the children in the compound began to excite and persuade them. The traditional time to strictly discipline children has been loosened, and the more than 40 little men and women in the compound have also gained freedom. There are a lot of naughty people in the middle, some throw the towel from the neighbor's house into the toilet, some go to the right house to steal sugar, some use a slingshot to hit the passers-by's ass... The mischief is full of ignorance and naivety. Elementary school was closed, and I started to sleep late in the morning. After lunch, he slipped out and set up the "Dragon Gate Array", then he took out the "Chaoyang Bridge" and "Sunshine Flower" cigarette cases that his parents had smoked or picked up everywhere, and knelt down on the ground to win or lose, or else It is to find the marbles ground from the earth granite found by the river and hit "Pharaoh into the hole", and it took half a day to get through in the afternoon. After dinner, night falls, which is our most fun time. Every night, 20 or 30 people gather at the gate of the compound, "officials and soldiers catch robbers", "queue cockfights", "climb trees and hide cats", and "group slingshot battles", stirring up the courtyard into darkness and noise. Children are playing wild, teenagers are used to rioting, people are crowded and strong, and the boredom brought by the "Cultural Revolution" is not even afraid of the king. At that time, everyone was two years younger and had no guesses, and men and women were all making trouble together. We boys like to be flamboyant, and we don't care about the scolding of our parents and the shouting of grandma, but little girls are naturally much better and weaker. After nine o'clock in the evening, "Xiao Qin, come back!" Home!" As long as the shouts reached their ears, the little daughters had to obediently withdraw from the happy stage and return to the little world that was extremely reluctant to return early. The girls are gone, and the boys will be gone for most of the time soon, and the compound will gradually return to the calm in the middle of the night. When summer comes, our group of boys often like to sneak into the river to take a bath. In order not to be afraid of parents finding out, we often have to dry our shorts and put them back on before we can go home. One summer night, Sheng Wei and I climbed to Liu Gang’s house to rest. It is cool, and the bungalow is covered with ordinary black tiles. If you step on the rotten tiles under your feet, it will leak. When Liu Gang's grandmother heard the rattle on the room, she first thought it was a cat screaming, and then she heard laughter floating from the roof, and she was busy calling for the uninvited guests, which scared the shit out of us. The next day, in addition to being beaten by my father, Sheng Wei's father was so angry that he cut down the old vine that we climbed to the house. Well, the scar forgot the pain, and after a few days, our vitality gradually recovered. -One night, the head of a dancer was slashed by a bamboo knife - a long mouth; another day, someone fell unconscious from the high ladder. The trouble is getting bigger and bigger, the parents are getting more and more angry, and the two factions in the unit are already clearly opposed, and everyone will take care of their children even more tightly. Family-to-household, household-to-household, and male-to-female interactions were reduced, and the joy of the yard disappeared with the smoke of the "Cultural Revolution". Not long after the incident, the father and the parents of many children in the yard were beaten as capitalist roaders, and each family closed their doors to guard against each other. Except for the occasional meeting and nodding under the faucet of the public tap in the yard for washing vegetables and laundry, The entire courtyard seemed silent. "Going to move." My father came back one night and said something that surprised me. Due to the transfer of my father's work, I was reluctant to leave this courtyard, which already had a deep friendship. Before and after our family moved out, many families moved in and out one after another. At that time, the courtyard house had been transformed into a cement structure house on the fifth floor and the bottom. Time flies, and year after year, the childhood of childhood gradually entered the middle-aged without confusion. The former companions in the compound are now all over the Great Wall, north, south, east and west, and some have made great achievements abroad. After starting a family and starting a business, each has a pet "little emperor". But our next generation, it is difficult to appreciate the joy and innocence of their parents when they were children. Today's children are faced with heavy homework, attractive TVs, games on mobile phones, and single-family closed families. When we talk about: In the night light and the evening wind, dozens of little friends dance and sing together; when we recall that in the scorching sun and clear water, dozens of little friends swim and chase in the river water, our children seem to be They are all listening to the Arabian Nights. However, all of this really existed, and the high-walled courtyard will always be imprinted in my mind. The compound, gave me friendship and taught me life. At this moment, I can't help but sigh loudly: my childhood friend, I really miss you.

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