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Solicitation | China Dongshan Island International Photography Exhibition

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Solicitation | China Dongshan Island International Photography Exhibition

Bai Ge competes for Liu Baoquan Xu Baoquan She Dongshan County, located in the southern tip of Fujian Province, is one of the ten most beautiful islands in the country and a well-known "Oasis in the East China Sea" tourist destination at home and abroad. The coastal scenery here is fascinating, with "blue sky, blue water, blue bay, beautiful sand, white forest, green island and reef", it has six categories and 48 kinds of tourism resources, the coastline is 162 kilometers long, and there are excellent tourist beaches in southern China. Nine crescent-shaped bays such as Maluan Bay and Jinluan Bay are connected. Dongshan County is speeding up the construction of "one sea, nine bays and seven bases", and actively creating high-end coastal eco-tourism. Bays, islands, seafood, "Three Seas" features drunk tourists. It is also the birthplace of the Neo-Confucianist Huang Daozhou, the training ground for Qi Jiguang, Zheng Chenggong and Shi Lang, and the birthplace of the spirit of Gu Wenchang. A batch of prehistoric remains and characteristic resources are known as "Zou Lu by the Sea". Photo by Li Runnan of Binhai Yantian To help Dongshan Island build an international tourism island strategy that integrates coastal sightseeing, leisure and vacation, marine sports, and cultural tourism, it comprehensively displays Dongshan's characteristic cultural and tourism resources through images to attract more photographers and tourists. Entering Dongshan, recording Dongshan, and promoting the development of tourism and modern service industry, the organizer specially co-organized the China Dongshan Island International Photography Exhibition, and warmly welcomes the active participation and contribution of photographers and travel enthusiasts at home and abroad. Photo by Cen Yubin of the East Coast Dongshan County Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau Co-organizers: Zhangzhou Photographers Association, Fuzhou Strait Photography Times Co., Ltd., Dongshan County Photographers Association Official Website: Quanshehui Network ( Strategic Cooperation Media: China Photographers Association Network , Image China Network, China Network Picture Center, China News Photo Network, China Newspaper Association Network, Future Network, Sina Pictures, Meipian Photography China Photography News from the media: China Photography News WeChat public account, China Photography News activity WeChat public account, Xinhua, Renmin, Meipian, Sina Weibo, Toutiao Collection and promotion platforms: Meipian App, Mobile Image App, Qiantu App Yanchang Morning Song Photo by Luo Jinguang Photographic works that reflect the overall tourism of Dongshan County, such as humanistic customs and development achievements of the times. As well as photographic works that reflect the contents of Guandi Temple, Nanmen Bay, Sufeng Mountain, Huyu Island, Yubone Sandbar, sailing and windsurfing marine sports. The collection period is from August to November 30, 2022 (submissions must be delivered during this period). Honors and Remuneration for Works in the Exhibition There are 80 works in the exhibition, and the remuneration for each piece is RMB 1,500. All works in the exhibition will receive honorary certificates, and can accumulate application points for membership in accordance with the regulations of the China Photographers Association. The remuneration for the works entered into the exhibition shall be paid to the contributors by the China Photography News Agency, and the individual income tax shall be withheld and paid from it. Sufeng Mountain Night Light by Zheng Bingdong Details of Call for Papers 1. All photographers can contribute. 2. The time required for the creation of works is from 2021 (recently created works are encouraged), and group photos are not allowed. 3. The work must be taken from the administrative division of Dongshan County, and the specific shooting location should be specified. For works with doubts about the shooting area, the contributors should go to the shooting location together with a lawyer entrusted by the organizer. If the work is confirmed to be shot within the designated area after investigation, the organizer shall bear the relevant lawyer fees and travel expenses; For the shooting within the designated area, the relevant legal fees, travel expenses, etc. shall be borne by the contributor; if the contributor fails to cooperate with the survey, his qualification will be directly cancelled. 4. After the selection, the organizer will uniformly retrieve the large-size digital files of the works to be exhibited (the maximum compressed file in JPG format is recommended to be no less than 5MB, and must contain complete exif data). Contributors who have been notified by the organizer must submit large-size digital files (scan the negatives for film shooting) to the organizer within the specified time. Those who fail to provide them within the specified time will be deemed to have given up their qualifications automatically. 5. The exhibition implements a publicity system for the selection results. , the selected works will be publicized on the official website of the exhibition - for a period of 7 days, and will be subject to social supervision during this period. After the publicity period expires, China Photography News will publish a selection of works in the exhibition, and will announce the exhibition list. 6. For the works in the exhibition, the main organizer has the right to use the works in the exhibition for related purposes and publicity of Dongshan by means of reproduction, distribution, exhibition, projection, information network communication, compilation, etc. during the copyright period. and no longer pay. 7. The judges of the exhibition and their close relatives are prohibited from submitting manuscripts, and all qualifications will be cancelled at any time once they are found. 8. Contributors should ensure that they are the authors of the submitted works, and have independent, complete, clear, and undisputed copyrights for the entirety and components of the work; contributors should also ensure that the submitted works do not infringe The legitimate rights and interests of third parties, including copyright, portrait rights, reputation rights, privacy rights, etc. 9. For works and behaviors that are enough to impede public order and good customs, once found, they will be immediately disqualified from participating in the exhibition. "Works and behaviors that obstruct public order and good customs" include but are not limited to all situations that may seriously mislead the public's cognition, have a fraudulent nature, etc., violate laws, morals, public order or good customs. 10. Those who do not meet the requirements of this call for contributions cannot participate in the election; those who have already entered the exhibition will be disqualified; the organizer has the right to withdraw the remuneration and honorary certificates of the works, and can notify them in the media. 11. The exhibition does not charge participation fees, does not return manuscripts, and does not return storage media. If the submitted works are damaged, lost, or late or not arrived during the mailing or sending process, the relevant losses and consequences shall be borne by the contributors themselves. 12. The right to interpret this call for papers belongs to the organizer. All contributors are deemed to have agreed to all the provisions of this Call for Papers. Freezing the Beautiful Xu Shaoqiu The selection of works will be reviewed by experts and scholars organized by the organizer. Contribution method 1. Online submission: Official website: Authors can register in the "China Dongshan Island International Photography Exhibition" in the "Exhibition" area ( of, and upload their works after filling in the real personal information as required. . The organizer promises not to disclose or disclose the non-public information of the contributors. The submitted works are in JPG format, the pictures are uniformly processed as 800-1000 pixels on the long side, and the file size is controlled within 200-500KB. Promotion and solicitation platform: Contributors can also register and participate in the submission in the Meipian App, Mobile Imaging App, and Qiantu App. 2. CD-ROM and U-disk submission: The name of the exhibition should be indicated on the CD-ROM and U-disk packaging box, and the title of the work should be indicated in the file name of each work, and the author’s information and the submission work table (word document) should be provided at the same time. The submitted works are in JPG format, the pictures are uniformly processed as 800-1000 pixels on the long side, and the file size is controlled within 200-500KB. For submissions without relevant information, the organizer reserves the right to disqualify them from participating in the evaluation. Contributed works should be mailed to: "China Dongshan Island International Photography Exhibition" Office, Activity Project Department, China Photographic News Agency, No. 48, Dong42Tiao, Dongcheng District, Beijing 100007) Submission Hotline: 010-652516613. The submission of online and CD-ROM and U-disk must not be repeated. Main photographing spots on Dongshan Island (for reference): 1. The main photographing spots for sunrise on Dongshan Sea are: 1. Fengdongshi Scenic Area (Fengdongshi, ancient city, and wooden plank road are all good photography spots for sunrise shooting); 2. , Yanzai Village; 3, Jinluan Bay; 4, Nanmen Bay; 5, Maluan Bay; 6, Sufeng Huandao Road; 7, Tai Mo Shan, etc. 2. The main photography spots for sunset at Dongshan Sea are: 1. Wengong Temple (mainly shooting Nanmen Bay sunset); 2. Sufeng Mountain; 3. Xipu Bay (mainly shooting beach sunset); 4. Maluan Bay; 5. Tai Mo Shan; 6. Xia Sai Keng, etc. 3. Lashanwang Style (June-August) The main photography spots are: 1. Jinluan Bay; 2. Maluan Bay. 4. Fishing Fire (June-August): 1. Jinluan Bay; 2. Nanmen Bay; 3. Maluan Bay; 4. Sufeng Huandao Road; 5. Sufeng Mountain. 5. Beach photography spots: 1. Xipu Bay; 2. Dayan Village; 3. Xiaxikeng Village. 6. Photography spots in fishing villages and fishing ports: 1. Aojiao Village; 2. Gongqian Village; 3. Donggu Village; 4. Tongling Fishing Port. 7. Shooting spots in salt fields: 1. Xigang Salt Field; 2. Daxian Xiangyang Salt Field. 8. Bay and coastal scenery photography spots: Maluan Bay, Jinluan Bay, Dongmen Island, Aojiao Village, "Fishbone" Sandbar, Fengdongshi Scenic Area, Wujiao Bay, Tai Mo Shan, etc. 9. Shooting of the old streets and intangible cultural heritage projects of Tongling Ancient Town: mainly in Tongling Town. About Emperor Temple, Sun Family House, Shigu Street, Datie Street, Back Street, Ding Street, Xia Street, Chengjiao, etc. (choose 2-3 places). 10. Natural landscape: 1. Wind-moving stone; 2. Dragon, tiger, lion, and elephant four islands; 3. Stone monk worshipping tower; 4. Tiger Kong dripping jade; 11. Human landscape: 1. Water Village Mountain; 2. Wenchang Pagoda in Dongmenyu Island; 3. Ancient City of Tongshan; 4. Guandi Temple in Tongling; 5. Mazu Temple in front of the palace, etc. 12. Dongshan National Seaside Forest Park: 1. Gu Wenchang Memorial Park; 2. Golden Luan Bay Baili Casuarina; 3. Wujiao Bay. Photo by Teng Chen Jinlong

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