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Simple and light - Avigdor Arikha

2022-11-27 01:33:36 [Photoes ]
Simple and light - Avigdor Arikha

"Everything I do is from painting to painting, without connecting the act of painting to the fact of seeing." Avigdor Arikha (1929-2010) One of Israel's foremost contemporary artists, known for portraiture , famous for his abstract art in his early years. Conceptual art in the 20th century dominated the world, but traditional easel painting painters are still active, including Freud, David Hockney, Morandi, Wise and other well-known painters , and the Israeli painter Alika is also one of them. At the age of 13, Alika was imprisoned in a Nazi concentration camp. He was later rescued and received a Bauhaus-style education at the Jerusalem School of Arts and Crafts in Israel in 1944. And began to sketch the cruel life there and the unfortunate fate of the Jews. As a boy, he visited art exhibitions in China, Japan, France and Germany, leaving a deep memory. At the age of 20, he arrived in Paris, where he longed for, and the abstract expressionism style popular in the West after the war had a great influence on him. He gradually discovered in his creation that reality is an illusion because it no longer continues. All he cares about is a quick grasp of fleeting truths. After a period of creation, he reflected on himself: since everything that he painted can be read as something and traced back to the real world, why not paint real things directly? Therefore, the content of his works all come from daily life, and he believes that any small thing may have meaning. Because of his experience in creating abstract paintings, his figurative paintings no longer reproduce the objective world like classical paintings. Instead, express it according to how you feel. He always spreads out from a certain point. His portraits express the unease of modern people in a concise and light brushwork. His still life works pay more attention to the structure of shapes, which is closely related to the stage he had experienced in abstract art. In the use of color, he adheres to strict inherent colors. Color selection is also very simple, with usually only four colors on the palette. In Alika's works, we can also feel the traces of classical painting, which makes his paintings have a certain sense of eternity. And this is exactly the purpose of his pursuit of realistic painting, which has established his irreplaceable position in the history of Western contemporary art. Appreciation of works

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