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In the dream, Huizhou is no longer there?

2023-03-25 10:32:17 [Photography art]
In the dream, Huizhou is no longer there?

On the side of the mountains and waters in southern Anhui, the beauty of time stands in the center. A frown and a smile are elegant, and Huizhou is full of vicissitudes in the dream. The Mongolian circle feels like crossing, thousands of trees and thousands of flowers are deep in the mountains. Qingyue's lingering and leisurely water has a long history. Read more Zhuzi Huizhou people, the mountains and rivers surround the house. The smoke has not dissipated from the beginning again and again, wake up in the fairyland gentle township. At Xiaoqiao Liushui Village, trees are used as clothes to protect the country. In the deep house with blue tiles and white walls, the courtyard is connected to the morning and evening light. Enthusiastic public welfare businessman, Wu Nong softly formed a gang. Hu Xueyan, the all-powerful business circle, has a hundred years of glory and has been preserved in the orchid. "Huizhou" was renamed "Huangshan", sighing emotionally. No more Huizhou and Anhui? The origin of the ancestors seems to be forgotten. 2022.8.27 (picture from the Internet) Hu Xueyan and his former residence

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