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Appreciation of romantic oil painting sketches

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Appreciation of romantic oil painting sketches

Andreas Achenbach German Painter, (1815-1910) - ArtYouhua - Andreas Achenbach (September 29, 1815, Kassel - April 1910) 1, Düsseldorf) was a German painter of landscapes and seascapes in the Romantic style. He is considered one of the founders of the Düsseldorf School. His younger brother, Oswald, was also a well-known landscape painter. Together they are known as "Alpha and Omega" among landscape painters, according to their initials. His father Hermann (1783-1849) was a businessman but also had a few occupations. In 1816 he became manager of a metal factory in Mannheim. Two years later, they moved to St. Petersburg, where his father wanted to use the money his mother had inherited to build a factory. It was here that Andreas took his first painting lessons. The project failed, and they returned to the Rhine province in 1823. Soon his father established a brewery in Düsseldorf and had a hotel frequented by the local art scene. There, in 1827, he began serious artistic education, studying at the Kunst Academy in Düsseldorf, under the tutelage of Friedrich Wilhelm Schardeau and Heinrich Christoph Kolbe. In 1831, at the age of 16, he participated in a local exhibition and sold a painting. The following year, he studied landscape painting with John William Schilmer. He then went to study in Holland and had his first real success in 1836 at an exhibition in Cologne, where one of his paintings was bought by the governor of the Rhine province, Prince Frederick. After visiting Bavaria and Tiroli, he settled in Frankfurt and, with the help of Alfred Reiter, opened a studio at the Stadl Academy of Arts. However, he traveled constantly, often with his brother, throughout Scandinavia and Italy. They all became regular visitors to Ostend. In 1846 he returned home for family matters. This year, he took over the brewery and hotel. His father, though technically retired, became a freelance accountant. In 1848 he married Marie-Louise Huberding Catherine Lichchelag (1827-1889), known as Louise. They have five children. Their second child, Maximilian, became an opera singer, known by the name of Max Alvari. He was one of the founding members of an art society known as "Malkasten" (Paint Boxes) and helped them acquire the former Jacobi family estate in Pempelfort, which was renamed "Malkasten Park" ; now a National Memorial. Apart from his brother, he had few students, notably Albert Fram, Marcus Larsen, Apollo Golavsky, and William Stanley Hasseltine. During his lifetime he received many honors, including the Order of Leopold (1848), the Order of St. Stanislaus (1861) and the Order of St. Olaf (1878). In 1853 he became an honorary member of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, and in 1862 a member of the Brera Academy of Fine Arts. In 1885 he was named an honorary citizen of Düsseldorf. When he died, a grand homage and ceremony was held at his Malka Stern house. He was buried in a magnificent tomb with a sculpture by Carl Janssen. There is a street named after him in Holsthausen, the "Achenbachweg". Hand-painted people pay attention to hand-painted people, and watch the most cutting-edge design hand-painted, interior hand-painted, landscape hand-painted, architectural hand-painted, industrial hand-painted, architectural landscape sketch, pen-based sketch, watercolor sketch, oil painting, sketch, illustration and other forms of hand-painting Work of art. We are just porters of hand-painted art, thank you for your attention. 105 original content public account

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