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Oil painting is unique and has a unique beauty

2023-03-25 08:54:32 [Share Photography ]
Oil painting is unique and has a unique beauty

National Art - Taeil Kim Taeil Kim Korean artist - ArtYouhua - Taeil Kim (Taeil Kim) Korean artist. Graduated from Seoul Institute of Technology in 1991, majoring in graphic design, and received a master's degree in illustration from the School of Fine Arts, American University of the Arts in 2012. Since 2012, he is a member of the American PSA Portrait Society. 2012~2015 Member of American Oil Painters. Taeil Kim starts his art with thinking: "How would I observe and recreate a human figure?" Influenced by observing people's daily interactions with nature, he is able to create moving and unique portraits. Thiel King was influenced by old masters such as Rembrandt and 19th century Impressionist painting. These influences are reflected in the expressive brushwork used in his paintings and the extensive use of chiaroscuro to add drama and depth. He sees the findings of this research as unshakable in his work. In addition, his work begins with a "conceptual portrait" that develops with a sense of rhythm in the painting, and the subject matter of the work is derived from the observation of the inner man. With such a wealth of experience and profound inspiration, we hope that it will be conveyed to modern people who take "reality and ideal" as the concept in various interpretations.

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