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September 2nd! Looking forward to the technology conference

2023-01-29 09:16:48 [the scenery ]
September 2nd! Looking forward to the technology conference

The only thing that binds us is our imagination - Erik Johansson's "Fantastic Dreamland - Erik Johansson Surrealism Photography Exhibition" is in full swing at the Beijing Today Art Museum. Another event related to images is also about to be staged here. Zhixiang Technology announced that it will hold the Beyond Imagination - Zhixiang Technology Brand Conference in the Today Art Museum on September 2, and in the "Fantastic Dreamland" photography exhibition Hold a special event for brand launches. Cross-border integration and value co-creation/Beyond Imagination/"Exploring the Boundary of Imagination"/ For a long time, Zhixiang Technology has been practicing the cooperation model of value co-creation from problem discussion, direction exploration, to innovative research. Scene Lab, Rococo Consulting and Design, Barn New Domestic Products Research Institute, Jingdong Computer Digital and many other institutions will be guests on the scene as joint publishing partners. High-quality platform resources such as People's Daily Online, Phoenix, and New Studio are fully supported, and together with Zhixiang Technology CEO Mou Zhen, Vice President and General Manager of Product Marketing Feng Chunli, they discussed the thinking from paper printing to overall image. Different ideas collide together, making everyone look forward to this conference. With the advancement of digitization and the development of information technology, visualization is ushering in a more refined and scene-based era. Zhixiang has teamed up with many institutions to lead the development of the industry, create a new scene of future images, and let consumers experience the ultimate enjoyment brought by "unbounded". We share the same goal with Zhixiang Technology in the pursuit of visualization. It is also the use of technology to make imagination sustainable, and to use wisdom to connect the vast world and the images of all things. ﹀﹀﹀Focus on printing Aiming at Image/ZX/Zhixiang Technology has successively obtained a number of self-developed patents, escorting the improvement of printer efficiency and safety. By focusing on the fields of office printing and graphics, Zhixiang Technology has built a world-leading Chinese printing brand. Today, Zhixiang Technology has an in-depth insight into the needs of users, pioneering and innovating with technology as the guide, and giving full play to the advantages of the printer scene. For enterprise printing scenarios, Zhixiang Technology provides enterprise users with safe and reliable printing. The "Zhixiang Printing" APP is equipped with a contract assistant function for enterprise users, and organizes a large number of office documents and business contracts every day. It only needs to be easily realized through the contract assistant Electronic filing of data to improve office efficiency. For home printing scenarios, Zhixiang has launched an innovative "schoolbag function" and a self-developed innovative "homework assistant" function, allowing parents to manage their children's homework in a full-link manner. At the same time, in order to make it easy for all users in the family to get started, Zhixiang Technology simplifies the network distribution process, and connects with a swipe. It supports Wi-Fi connection and Bluetooth fast connection, which meets the needs of family scenarios. In daily life and work, Zhixiang new products support the uploading of commonly used documents, and can create folders for classified management, making search more convenient, and printing as needed. According to Mu Zhen, CEO of Zhixiang Technology, Zhixiang Technology has officially entered the fast lane from "Made in China" to "Intelligent Manufacturing in China", using wisdom to connect images of all things in the world, inspire infinite imagination, and work with partners to create an image ecology. Through the cloud printing platform, the integration of online documents, offline store channel services and Lenovo's membership system, e-commerce system and financial system has been realized. Zhixiang Technology has built a new image ecology of "printing + Internet of Things + big data + artificial intelligence". In the future, the company will continue to intensify innovation in various new technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, etc., and promote continuous product upgrades. On September 2nd, at Beyond Imagination-Zhixiang Technology Brand Conference, there will also be cross-border new products to meet with you. Previously, it was revealed that Zhixiang Technology proposed a strategic upgrade from the printing track to the image track. According to the information currently available, Zhixiang Technology will also deepen its efforts in the field of images, and develop real scenes around more image-related problem lists. The conference is expected to bring image products. All of these make the upcoming Zhixiang technology brand conference very interesting. Scan and follow the "Lenovo Zhixiang" video account to make an appointment to watch the live video

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