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Fu Baoshi's Writings - Portrait of Ladies

2023-03-25 08:29:38 [Share Photography ]
Fu Baoshi's Writings - Portrait of Ladies

The painting is full of spirit inside and outside the painting, and the beauties in the brush are fresh and habitual. After the combination of red lips, eyebrows and eyes, it is slender, clear and highly recognizable. Gorgeous and amazing pictures of ladies, accompanied by Fanghua Pavilion. Delicate and lovely, she is dignified, noble and charming. The classical temperament is very skilled, and the ancient hooking technique is real. Use the pen to condense the lines and make the shape vivid. The peach blossoms are smashed and the flowing water is thrown, and the willows by the lake are leaning against the railing. The side ears cover the shadow of the moon with affection, and the goddess scattered flowers and beautiful dresses. 2022.8.28 (picture from the Internet)

(Responsible editor:Gorgeous)

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