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Yang Liping's villa, Internet celebrity S Bay, and the mysterious cliff cave in Luwo Mountain, Dali Erhai Travel Photo Travel Notes

2023-03-25 09:18:26 [Photography art ]
Yang Liping's villa, Internet celebrity S Bay, and the mysterious cliff cave in Luwo Mountain, Dali Erhai Travel Photo Travel Notes

If you ask me where is the most suitable tourist destination in summer, I will tell you without hesitation that it is Erhai Lake in Dali. "Erhai Lake is not a sea, but it is more beautiful than any sea." Throughout the ages, I don't know how many people have fallen in love with this beautiful place. Driving along the sea-ring road, there are beautiful scenery along the way. The first time I heard about Dali should be reading Mr. Jin Yong's novels when I was young. When I saw Duan Yu's chapters, I began to be full of infinite yearning for Dali. This time, my trip to Dali was still with my lover. I heard that there is a new Internet celebrity check-in place in Erhai Lake. It is an S bend on the highway around the sea, so I came to see it. Internet celebrity S Bay is located in Fenxi Village, Dali, a small village that became popular on the Internet because of a corner. Fenxi Village is on the west bank of Erhai Lake, near the Ferry Ferry. It is a small section of the Erhai Ecological Corridor. Here the sea and sky are the same color, the environment is quiet, and the road is winding along the Erhai Lake. In this section of Fenxi Village, a beautiful S-bend is formed, which is very Suitable for taking photos and videos. Especially in the section next to Erduo B&B, a large number of tourists come to check in every day, and of course there are some Internet celebrities who live broadcast here. If you want a clean shot, I suggest you stay a night nearby and come over early the next morning. B&Bs along the coast are very distinctive, but the price is high. In peak season, it costs about 1,000 to 2,000 nights. It is estimated that the B&Bs inside will be more economical. The photo above was taken by me on the stairs of a nearby photography studio, as shown in the photo below. Of course, if there are too many tourists, you can also choose this wooden plank road near the sea. With the sky, mountains and Erhai Lake as the background, you can also take a clean and beautiful souvenir photo. It’s just that this angle is a backlight, so it’s best to shoot when the sun is not strong in the early morning, especially when the sun is blocked by clouds. If you have plenty of time, you might as well stay for a few more days. In this natural and pure Bai village, it must be very pleasant to slow down and feel the rising and falling of the sun and the moon in every Erhai Lake. Dali Love Journey - Mobile Photography I like the climate of Dali very much, especially in summer, the flowers are blooming just right, the breeze is not dry, and the feeling is very fresh. Although there is more rain in this season, if the sky is clear, the sea of ​​clouds here is very spectacular. Especially before and after sunrise and sunset, the sky is very beautiful. There is another place in Dali that must be punched in, and that is Shuanglang Ancient Town. The gate of Shuanglang Town welcomes the Bibo Erhai Lake and overlooks the nineteen peaks of Cangshan Mountain. Shuanglang has been a place where celebrities and scholars have stayed since ancient times. In ancient times, there were Yang Shengan and Li Yuanyang, and today there are dancer Yang Liping, writer Su Tong, and painter Zhao Qing. At the same time, it is also the place where the main folk architectural sculpture and painting artists in Dali area come out in large numbers. The "Buddhist resort" Jizu Mountain Seventy-two Temple Pagoda and Yunnan Minority Village Bai Village are mostly painted by Shuanglang artisans. It can be said that it is a place with beautiful mountains and rivers and outstanding people. It was also the filming location for films such as "Five Golden Flowers", "White Moon and White Sister", "Love in Erhai Lake", "Wangtian Cliff", etc. . Due to the lack of time, this time we only visited the Sun Palace of Yang Liping, a famous dancer on Yuji Island. Yuji Island is located at the west end of Shuanglang and is surrounded by water on three sides. It is a small peninsula extending from the shore into Erhai Lake. The area of ​​Yuji Island is not very large. It winds its way through the alleys and soon reaches the top. The high blue brick wall in front of you is engraved with the words "A Thousand Miles Riding Alone Yang Liping Art Space", which is the legendary "Sun Palace". Just buy an afternoon tea voucher to enter the tour. Because we are staying in a nearby hotel, we can enjoy the treatment of free tour. The original full name of the Sun Palace was "Yang Liping Art Hotel". In 2018, in order to protect the environment of Erhai Lake, the relevant departments demolished more than 1,800 inns and residences along the coast. After that, the Sun Palace was no longer engaged in accommodation operations, but opened to the public as an art display. The entire Sun Palace is built on the coastal reefs, where intact reefs can be seen everywhere, which complements the harmonious coexistence of modern facilities, and has both original ecology and design aesthetics. The hydrophilic platform is an outdoor activity center, where various round or square leisure tables and chairs are scattered for visitors to sit and rest. Eat and drink here, talk and laugh, accompanied by the cool breeze, and enjoy half-day leisure. Climb up the steps to enter a spacious room with bright tones that catch the eye. The various furnishings in the room are full of strong Yunnan national characteristics, and the color matching is vivid and not artificial, natural and not charming. I really want to live here for a while. Fortunately, there are also many distinctive hotels, especially the coastal rooms, which basically have balconies for viewing, and the interior decoration is also very careful. The hotel's breakfast is unforgettable. The seemingly ordinary bowl of rice noodles is quite different from the taste in the small shop outside. The side dishes are well prepared, it may be because of the good appearance, anyway, I think the taste of this meal is really good. In short, Shuanglang is really beautiful, and this kind of beauty can only be truly felt by those who have been here. There is also a very small scene in Erhai Lake, which is also worth a visit. It is a cliff cave near the sea near the Luwo Mountain site. Luwo Mountain is located between Shuanglang Town and Waise Town on Huanhai East Road. The scenery here is very beautiful, but it takes a lot of photographers to take pictures here. The cave is very shallow. I used the ultra-wide angle of the iPhone 13 promax. Even so, I have to retreat to the innermost part of the cave to compose the picture with the entrance of the cave as the foreground. The key is that the inside of the hole is very short, and you have to lower your head when you are squatting and shooting. In addition, you have to prepare wet shoes to take pictures here. I have seen other people's photos on the Internet (above), it is estimated that they were taken with a fisheye lens. If you want to make a film here, in addition to the requirements for the lens, the more important thing is the light, because the contrast between light and dark inside and outside the hole is too large, so it is best to choose the time after sunset in the evening, which is easier to control the exposure. Of course, it is best to use the HDR function or use the RAW format, and the space for post-editing will be larger. RAW photos taken by mobile phones can be retouched better with snapseed, which can restore the details of highlights and shadows. The link above is a set of courses I recorded. The content is not only my retouching steps, but also detailed retouching ideas for different cases. 182 chapters have been uploaded, which can be said to be very valuable, and there are many pure free chapters, welcome to try it out. At present, thousands of people on the whole network have improved their mobile phone photo editing skills through this course, and they have all given unanimous praise. The most regrettable thing about this trip to Dali is that I couldn't stay in Santorini. This is a hotel complex located on the Erhai Sea. Pure white is the main color, and the Greek decoration style is used to perfectly create an oriental of Santorini. This regret can only be made up for next time. In fact, there are still many beautiful scenery in Dali. If you have time, you can stay for ten days and a half months to play slowly. If you are traveling by car, I recommend the following route. Dali Ancient Town→Shuihua Manor→Longkan Wharf→Cai Village Wharf→Fenxi Village S-Bend→Langqiao→Xizhou Ancient Town→Huayu Ranch→Zhoucheng Village→Butterfly Spring→Luoshijiang Wetland→Shuanglang Ancient Town→Wase Town→Wenbi Village →Luoquan Peninsula→Jinsuo Island→Santorini→Xingsheng Bridge→Dali Ancient Town If you like to ride along Erhai Lake, Yangnanxi Station→Sansheng Island Station→Longkan Station→Caicun Station→Fengxi Station, this section The scenery of the road will not make you regret it. Because of the epidemic, this is our first trip this year. Someone once asked me what the meaning of travel is. I think a good travel should be to be with a lover, see a flower, listen to a sea, feel a sunrise and sunset, the meaning of travel, care about our hearts, and nature. The awe of it makes us more tolerant and more cherished. Here is the [Mobile Phone Photography Manual], I am Yang Tao, welcome your attention, likes, and forwarding support, and of course, I would like to thank my lover for his company and care. Understand these 18 problems of mobile phone photography, whether taking photos or videos, the effect is more professional (Part 1) to quickly improve the level of photography, these 3 practice methods, simple, easy to learn, high efficiency As a photography beginner, these 4 composition rules, you Not only to learn, but also to master these 3 light characteristics proficiently, say goodbye to "visiting here", every photo is wonderful and want to use a mobile phone to take a blockbuster, these 6 things, you have to figure out first

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