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Save the white wall photos and change the atmosphere in seconds

2023-04-02 07:12:12 [Photography art ]
Save the white wall photos and change the atmosphere in seconds

Hello, good morning everyone~ Taking pictures at home on weekends, will you also take pictures with your back against the white wall? But if you simply fix your face and adjust the color after taking a white wall photo, the photo will look bland. We can make ordinary white wall photos into atmospheric blockbusters in seconds by adding "beams" to photos and adding "picture frames" to the walls. Today we will use the "Wakeup" APP to turn the white wall photo into an atmospheric blockbuster, simple and fun, share it with your friends and retouch the picture~- Wakeup-Applicable platform: Android First, open the "Wakeup" software , click Import to import the photos you want to edit from the album. After importing the photo, first observe whether the white wall in the photo is dry or not. Like beams and stickers, we can click "Portrait" ➡ "Erase Pen", and then smear the unwanted area to eliminate it, which is very convenient. Although the eraser pen is easy to use, when encountering stickers that are very close to the characters like the following, it is not so easy to smear with the eraser pen, and the edges of the clothes are very unnatural. At this time, we can click "Graffiti Pen" ➡ "Straw" to absorb the color of the nearby white wall, and then smear off the excess stickers, so that the edges of the clothes are very natural after processing. After the flaws on the white wall are eliminated, the picture is simple and beautiful! Before blemishes are removed, after the blemishes are removed, click "Sticker" in the next step, enter the keyword "square shadow" in the search box, and you will see a white square with shadows in the material library. After selecting the white square, we enlarge the square with two fingers, and then move the square to the upper left of the photo, leaving a little space on the edge. We need to blend the white square with the photo naturally so that the square looks like a picture frame built into the wall. So, click "Mix", select "Multiply", if you want the shadow of the square to be lighter, you can click "Transparency" to reduce it properly~ For the balance of the picture and the exquisite layout, we can make another square nearby . Click "Copy" to move the new block down slightly. Since the overlap between the two squares and the face is obvious, we need to erase the overlapped part. Click "Erase", enlarge the preview if necessary, and then use an eraser pen of suitable size and hardness to smear the overlapping edges of the squares, and remember to erase the shadows~ Next, click "Sticker", and enter "black color card" in the search box "Keyword, you can see a black rectangle sticker in the material library. After selecting the black sticker, click "Transparency", lower the transparency to about 50%, and then rotate and enlarge the sticker to cover the entire photo. Next, click "Mask" ➡ "Triangle", select "Inverse Selection", and then adjust the shape of the triangle by lengthening and rotating, like a beam of light shining down from diagonally above the character, pull the "one-way double arrow" sign, you can Feather the triangle edges. The full atmosphere is spicy~ In addition to using the mask method to create a "beam", we can also use an eraser to erase the "beam" on the color card. Select the color swatch, click "Erase", reduce the hardness and transparency of the eraser pen, and then draw a straight line with the eraser pen. If you think this is still a little monotonous, we can simply add some magazine-style font stickers. Click "Stickers", enter the keyword "English title" in the search box, and select two English titles that are more in line with the dark gray atmosphere. Then type the fonts on the edges of the two squares according to "one horizontal and one vertical". It is recommended not to add too many font stickers. The photo is too full and the effect is not so good. After the ordinary white wall photos are processed, they will become emotional blockbusters in seconds, and the atmosphere will be up up up! Friends, remember to operate it~ In addition to the dark gray tone style, we can also try other styles. The color card overlaid on the photo, we can choose the color card we like. Click "Sticker", enter the keyword "color card" in the search box, and you can see that there are many color cards of different colors in the material library. You can try a variety of color cards to create a blockbuster with unique style. After the photo is post-processed, if you like this style, we can click "Save as Template" in the upper right corner. If you want to apply this style in the future, click "Template"➡"My", select a template and you can apply it with one click. It's very convenient~ Okay~ Today's white wall photo rescue tips, have you learned it~ Find you soon Let's create an atmospheric blockbuster together, it's very interesting! Remember to like and watch, share the article with friends around you, follow - the public account of "Fun Mobile Photography" with the star mark, see you at 7:30 every morning!

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