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When you encounter stairs, shoot like this! Cinematic magazine portrait beyond film

2023-03-31 01:26:55 [Share Photography ]
When you encounter stairs, shoot like this! Cinematic magazine portrait beyond film

Hello~ Good morning everyone! When you don't know where to take portrait photos, consider what we can see every day - stairs. Taking photos of stairs is definitely a classic scene. Many bloggers like to take a concave shape on the stairs to take beautiful stair portraits~ So today, let's learn how to take a stair portrait of a movie magazine! To share with you the tips from the early stage to the later stage, it is simple and practical, GO~GO~ONE.ˉ In fact, the stair portraits are also divided into many styles in the early stage, such as small fresh, industrial style, dark and so on. In the early stage, we had to decide which type to shoot first, and then match the clothes and look for the stairs scene, so as to improve the film production rate. For example, this time we wanted to shoot a movie magazine-like style, so we found a stair scene dominated by yellow tones. The model wore a pair of blue jeans, with a combination of blue and yellow. In addition, during the shooting process, the photographer needs to grasp some shooting angles, and guide the model to pose and move, otherwise, if you are not careful, you may take a photo that is short and emoji. Secondly, if you want to shoot a natural staircase portrait, in addition to the effective communication between the photographer and the model, we can also use the ultra-wide-angle function and portrait mode of the mobile phone to shoot. ˇ- Ultra wide-angle + upside-down shot - the characters are tall and thin, just like some stairs are relatively straight and long, the background color is more uniform, the model does not need to stand too high, walk down the steps, reserve one or two steps at the bottom, the photographer turns on the phone If you shoot at a low angle from an ultra-wide angle, the characters will appear tall and thin. If the background of the stairs is messy, we can let the model sit in the middle of the stairs, with legs crossed and stretched forward, and the shooting angle is also a slightly low-angle shot to increase the sense of depth and space in the photo. You can also use the stair line as a diagonal guide. The model stands with her feet in a concave posture, looks to the side, and easily gets a high-end blockbuster. This is because the ultra-wide-angle + upside-down shooting has the special effect of elongation and magnification, which makes the lines of the characters' legs more slender, and also makes the overall field of view of the photo appear wider, and shoots some interesting pictures with tension. ˇ- Portrait Mode - Using the portrait mode of the mobile phone to blur the background and highlight the characters, it can simulate the effect of a large aperture when the background of the stairs is cluttered, effectively blur the background, and make the characters more prominent. The model can also lean on the wall and look at the camera. Let's use the rule of thirds to compose the picture, and the scenes other than the characters are blurred, and the photos are more artistic. TWO.ˉ Post-retouching After we take the photo, we can import it into the "Awakening Picture" APP for post-retouching. If you need to adjust the picture composition, you can click "Adjust" ➟ "Composition" to crop, and then remove the sundries and express the main body. In "Adjust", you can adjust the brightness, contrast and other parameters of the picture, mainly to make the exposure factor of the photo normal. Because it is a portrait photo, we can also click "Portrait" ➟ "Auto Beauty" to remove facial blemishes. Next, let's add filter effects, first click "Filter" ➟ "Landscape", select "Pear Cloud", adjust the level to 38 to make the picture more transparent, click "Advanced Editing" to overlay the filter. First, superimpose the "GT3" filter in the "Film" module, and adjust the level to 24; continue to click "Advanced Editing" to superimpose "KCP2", and the level is 53. The overall tone will be biased towards the film feeling, we click "Special Effects" ➟ "Retro", select "Scratch 1", and adjust the transparency to 61. You can also click "Advanced Editing" to superimpose "Vignette" with a strength of 10 to increase the atmosphere. Finally, we can click on "stickers" and search for the keyword "magazine text". It is best to choose the color of the text that is in harmony with the main character for decoration. You can also click "Text" to edit the color and font after entering the text yourself to make the overall picture more interesting. Hello~ Friends who like it remember to "Like" + "Share"! Or pay attention to "Fun Mobile Photography" Xiaohongshu can also get many interesting photo tips!

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