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Flowers with excellent color saturation

2023-03-25 09:31:26 [Retro ]
Flowers with excellent color saturation

Zbigniew Kopania Henry Zbigniew Kopania Henry Polish painter, (1949-)—ArtYouhua—Zbigniew Kopania Henry (1949-), Polish painter, film photographer. Born in Lodz, Poland in 1949. From 1969 to 1974, he studied at the Photography Department of the Polish National Academy of Film, Television and Drama. During his studies at the academy, he developed an interest in painting. After graduation, he started working as a photographer, making documentaries and feature films, but did not neglect his paintings. His unique talent was discovered by the famous contemporary Polish painter Jerzy Mierzejewski, who later gave up his work in films to become a full-time artist. Zbigniew's paintings are characterized by a high level of realism, some of which deserve to be called hyperreal. Fascinated by the precision, detail and craftsmanship of his Dutch and Flemish paintings, he often uses thick primers and extensive glazes, which contribute to the final effect of the final work. Zbigniew's paintings are almost always seen with superb color saturation, high contrast and meticulously refined detail. His early paintings were in the style of the Dutch masters. In finding his own style, he moved away from dark, solemn tones and now uses soft, lighter shades. In his paintings, the artist often chooses still lifes, flowers, landscapes, ballet dancers, paintings with surreal colors and portraits as the subject.

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