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Hailang Honorary Finalists and Recommenders Announced

2022-12-08 08:04:57 [the scenery ]
Hailang Honorary Finalists and Recommenders Announced

When brewing and fermenting between the conscious and subconscious, and then completing the dynamic collage of reality, the colorful light is transformed into a montage of time and space, so the film has become the best modern art form. As Benjamin said: "In the realm of machinery, the reality that is directly captured by the film is like a blue flower, a rare blue flower." Looking through the lens to find fictional reality, contemporary concerns, and eternal artistic experimentation . In today's increasingly active film creation, positive affirmation and benign criticism will ignite new creativity. By mobilizing core resources inside and outside the industry, Ocean Wave Film Week hopes to provide more samples of viewing and thinking through the selection of short film honors, short film honors and industry honors, so as to lay the future of film. The subconscious aspect of the honor consciousness of the short film of the ocean wave proposition is the prison of emotional detention, and it is always eager to show the desire to reveal the real world emotions. 2022 Ocean Wave Film Week and strategic partner Samsung Z series folding screen mobile phone jointly launched the "After Tomorrow" short film unit of ocean wave proposition. What will happen after tomorrow? Has the film of tomorrow revealed its light and shadow? The wave film cycle hopes that the ever-increasing gaze, grammar, and youth will allow the film to accommodate the constantly rotating world, and then burst out all kinds of imagination and eternal vitality. 2022 Hailang Movie Week Hailang Proposition Short Film honor invites Liu Beast, Mai Zi, Tian Yusheng and Yin Ruoxin as recommenders. In a sample of short films that combine narrative and style, roughness and sincerity, the four recommenders see the desire to express with keen insight. In the short film section of this wave film week, 3 honorary works were selected, including "Cicadas in Late Summer", "Behind" and "The Last Waltz". Ocean Waves Short Film Honor A short film must know what it wants and use its limited time to the best effect. In addition, short films enjoy a great deal of artistic freedom - which is why the themes, forms and aesthetic approaches chosen for short films are all so different. Is it a harmonious "polyphony" with smooth chapters or an emotional roller coaster ride? Is it to regain the lost "light rhyme" of the movie, or is it the possibility of visually expanding a new aesthetic sense? With the rapid changes in technology and reality, what kind of breathing space will short films give to films? The 2022 Hailang Film Week Hailang Short Film honor invites Cao Baoping, Liu Haoran, Song Jia, Wang Hongwei and Zhang Jialu as recommenders. It is expected that the recommenders will discover the potential of more film rookies through the amazement of the short films, and participate in the sustainable film cultivation ecology. The 2022 Wave Film Week short film honor is specially supported by LA MER. The Wave Industry Honors Investment-based film is an industrial system/scale concept, and constraints are not inherently antithetical to conformity. With the consensus that "type/commercial" gradually equals "regulation", Ocean Wave Film Week hopes to redefine an imagination about (commercial) movies: genre does not mean a kind of regulation, but a sense of control over the film industry . When the success of more and more types of films proves that the ultimate in business is actually art, we look forward to more production fusions that break boundaries to mark professional young film creators. The honor of the wave industry is eager to see a concise narrative, a high degree of professionalism, and the courage of the times. The 2022 Hailang Film Week Hailang Industry Honor invited Mu Deyuan, Tian Zhuangzhuang, Wang Yibing, Xu Zheng, Yongmei and Zhang Ji as recommenders. We look forward to all recommenders to give the honor to the dazzling soul, in order to help young directors find a clear growth path. In 1917, the film critic Louis DeLuc wrote for the 73rd issue of "Cinema" magazine, "The Beauty of Cinema," once said: "Film is destined to provide mankind with a fleeting but eternal beauty of impressions - This kind of beauty originally exists in nature and human activities", and "movie goes beyond art, because film itself is life." Before the film reaches the audience, the wave film cycle hopes to see the eternal exploration of life through the eyes of the recommenders Unchanged, let the film continue to convey love and courage in a wider tolerance. The students of the Wave Film Week can watch the short film honorary film, and the industry guests of the Wave Film Week can watch the short film honorary film and the industry honorary film.

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