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Use video to record the beauty around you

2023-03-25 09:14:48 [Photoes ]
Use video to record the beauty around you

Diapers are changed, newborns are hospitalized without parents to accompany them, and the nurses in the ward become their "temporary mothers". When it comes to "beauty", many people think of the vast starry sky, blue waters and green mountains, poetry and the distance. In fact, by your side, There are also many beautiful moments for Xu Yan. A medical worker used images to record the warm and touching images of what happened to her in her spare time. The medical staff in the pediatric ward cared for every child. Will tease children and move their bodies for them "temporary mothers" will take care of each child carefully, just like treating their own children, although some of them are not mothers, and some of them are medical staff in the children's ICU ward in the eyes of their mothers The most important job is to observe the condition of the child. The doctors and patients who are fighting against the disease in the hospital often move Xu Yan and make her raise the camera and press the shutter. , Instrument nurses are responsible for their respective responsibilities. It is very important to count the surgical items before the operation in an intense and orderly manner. Before closing the body cavity and after closing the body cavity, the instrument nurses on the operating table are preparing the saline needed for the operation. Now, Xu Yan She has long since retired, but out of love for her profession, she did not stop filming the medical staff from the Children's Hospital Affiliated to the Capital Institute of Pediatrics who came to Daliangshan to do health checks for local children. The children were vying to take pictures with doctors at the free clinic in the mountainous area of ​​Yunnan. The activity was well received by the masses. In a rural primary school in Yunnan, the medical staff of the Children's Hospital Affiliated to the Capital Institute of Pediatrics carried out health screening for the children. She hoped that the images could be used to let everyone know more about medical workers and enhance the interaction between doctors and patients. Understanding makes every "doctor" moment warmer. The baby has recovered under the treatment and care of doctors and nurses. This is the moment when he is about to be discharged from the hospital. Facing the medical staff, he showed a sweet smile in the hospital's nursing team. , there are more and more "handsome nurses" who form an effective complement to female nurses - END -

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