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What does Sigma's new headquarters look like? Sigma President will take you around the new building

2022-11-27 02:35:01 [the scenery ]
What does Sigma's new headquarters look like? Sigma President will take you around the new building

SIGMA headquarters has moved to a new home. SIGMA Japan's new headquarters is completed in Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. Come and see the office environment of the factory~

Design concept

Because of the development of new lenses and camera systems, we are constantly recruiting new engineers, especially software engineers, and the old office building is already overloaded, so we decided to build a new office building. The overall design idea was proposed by the designer, and I just added a few revisions to it. First, I want to increase the comfort of the office, and I hope that the employees can go to work in a happy mood every day. Moreover, I also hope that the old employees can feel fresh and have new energy. Second, I want employees to experience the changing seasons in the office. Most of the employees in our company are very young. They generally live alone in small apartments, leave the apartment for work early in the morning, and then come home from work late in the morning, so that they cannot feel the changing seasons outside. So, I would love to give them such an opportunity in the office where they can enjoy the natural transition. Third, I want employees to communicate more in the office. Frequent and close communication is a key element of doing a good job. So, I hope architects can design the office as a place that promotes good communication.

Office environment

There is no separate personal office here. In fact, this is not a point I focus on, but I am very willing to Hang out with engineers and employees. I feel that I can learn and learn a lot of new knowledge from them, and it can also inspire me. I value the quality of food. Like I said earlier, many of our employees here are young people who may not be able to cook by themselves, so they can only buy instant meals at convenience stores. You know, this is definitely not good for your health, although eating a meal occasionally It feels good twice, but eating like this for a long time will definitely hurt the body. Therefore, employees can have a hot and healthy lunch here, which is very beneficial to their physical health and work efficiency. The

Ladder Library

is home to more than 4,000 books on photography. In fact, we have been collecting photography books for many years, but we used to keep these books in the warehouse. Now that we have a new office building, we think it is time to take these books out so that employees can spend more Check out these books to learn more about cameras and lenses. As a manufacturer of lenses and cameras, the reason why we can grow and develop depends on the vast photography culture, so we must be in awe of this culture and understand it deeply, so that we can produce creators A good product that we really need.

Lens Cellar

In the past, you may have only heard of "wine cellar", "cellar" and the like. A special "lens cellar" has been created here in our new office building. In 2012, I launched the Sigma SGV Global Vision Project, which grouped our lens products into three series: Art, Sports and Contemporary. The lenses we have released since then are all shown here, mostly mirrorless lenses, but also some DSLR and cine lenses, as well as our camera products, including the dp Quattro series and the fp series, etc. This lens wall, similar to a wine cellar, is isolated by a glass wall outside, and has an independent temperature and humidity control system inside. It is only open to internal employees and visitors, so that those who come in and visit can understand the details of our design lens, And the importance of lens protection. We will definitely produce more new products later, so we may change products from time to time, but this does not slow down our process of developing new products. In the process of developing new products or new technologies, we will continue to accumulate experience, knowledge and technology, which is an important driving force for the long-term development of our enterprise. Image source: CineD

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