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Go, explore Sichuan with the lens of this group of young photographers

2023-03-25 09:07:51 [Dark ]
Go, explore Sichuan with the lens of this group of young photographers

Since the 3rd Sichuan Youth Photography Competition, hosted by the Sichuan Youth Literature and Art Federation, launched the call for submissions, young photographers have enthusiastically participated in the nearly 3 months. In these works, we can see the diversity of their visual art aesthetics. The unique perspectives and observations of young photographers have recorded beautiful moments one after another, depicting the beautiful Sichuan in their eyes. This time, I followed the lens of this group of young photographers and traveled around Sichuan together to experience the mountains and lakes of the "Land of Abundance", the hidden secrets of the minority and the fireworks on earth. Western Sichuan is a place that many people have always dreamed of going to. Today, I will walk into this place that everyone is fascinated by, and encounter the beauty of nature in this plateau: snow-capped mountains, colorful clouds and starry sky... Mi Pai © PahkoLIANG Mi Pai © Aifang Cang'er rice photo shoot by plane ©Ling Dong Edy can feel the warmth in addition to the beautiful scenery. In the mountains of western Sichuan, the camera of the elder brother recorded the younger sister growing up day by day, which is also the best expression of time in photography. Mipai©A Geng This piece of land with complex landforms is far more beautiful than this. Ya'an, Leshan, Dujiangyan... The tea gardens and green mountains and green waters are also good scenery not to be missed. Mi Pai ©502 Mi Pai ©Lucas_Shu Mi Pai ©Aling Alin丨LC In recent years, the population of Chengdu has soared and surpassed the 20 million mark, which makes people unable to help thinking about what kind of charm attracts people to flock to into this city? Perhaps, Chengdu in the works of young photographers will tell you the answer. The Chengdu they describe has drone aerial photography overlooking the splendor of Chengdu, the city's changes from day to night, and the city's landmarks that attract tourists. Mi Pai © Jason ASL Mi Pai © EIUOL Mi Pai © Lucas_ Shu Mi Pai © Wenya SeVenya Zhang Xiucheng (9 years old) Mi Pai © _ZEK_ Living in Chengdu for a long time, people have more time and interest to observe more subtle structures , they also recorded the beauty of the design details hidden under the reinforced concrete. Mi Pai © Zhang Jiahao (12 years old) Mi Pai © Xiao Zhiheng Mi Pai © Ye Sen Mi Pai with the hairline half-opened © Yuan Dabo Loves Meat (11 years old) Peng Lingran (9 years old) The daily life on the street and the sports field, the national quintessence Sichuan Opera staged in the theater... Feel the enthusiasm of the Sichuan people and love for life, and feel the cultural charm of this city. Mi Pai © Xie Yibai Chris Mi Pai © Aihe DaHuang Mi Pai © Shanmu Chun Mi Pai © Love to do the upgraded Da Da Wei Kou Guangyuan (7 years old) The works of Sichuan's urban appearance, natural ecology, human history, The wonderful moments of market life are vividly presented in front of our eyes, and these young photographers express their emotions towards Sichuan with their images. (Note: The above works are selected according to the needs of the article, and are not directly related to the final award.) Notice However, with the gradual outbreak of the national epidemic in July, everyone actively cooperated with the prevention and control and pressed the pause button for travel, reducing the frequency of creation. After the epidemic was brought under control recently, young photographers who were on vacation couldn't help but take steps one after another, and their creative enthusiasm was high. As a result, we've received a lot of feedback looking to extend the competition. After the organizer has coordinated with all parties to communicate and made a decision after careful consideration, the deadline for the competition is now extended to September 20, 2022. Welcome more young photographers to participate in the 3rd Sichuan Youth Photography Contest, and look forward to your photography works! At the same time of the announcement, this time also brings you another good news. In order to allow all photography enthusiasts to better explore photography, the 3rd Sichuan Youth Photography Competition will cooperate with Chengdu Haichang Polar Ocean Park to carry out a series of creative activities. The concentrated creation of Chengdu Haichang Polar Ocean Park is one of the series of offline activities of the competition. 10-20 groups of young people will be invited to the Ocean Park for photography creation, and professional photographers will be arranged for on-site teaching guidance. The activity will be divided into the youth group and the youth group. Excellent works can directly participate in the photo contest. Let’s look forward to it together! [Contest Organization] Organizer: Sichuan Youth Literature and Art Federation Organizer: Sichuan Youth Literature and Art Association Photography Special Committee Co-organizers: Sichuan Youth Literature and Art Network, Mipai Photography Community Cooperation Support: Chengdu Haichang Polar Ocean Park, Fotopro Rich Tubao, Datacolor, Chengdu Dibit Photography Equipment, CHAPA Chengdu Aerial Photography Alliance, Winshare, Haida Filter

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