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16 good photos taken by ordinary people: the first one, let me taste several tastes

2022-11-27 03:04:17 [Light ]
16 good photos taken by ordinary people: the first one, let me taste several tastes

I take the trouble to say that I like those photos with a sense of contrast, because a photo can taste several tastes. The 184th issue of "Recommendation of Excellent Works" come [email protected] Xiaopong who loves to eat chicken neck This photo, the small person faces the big scene, and takes a great sense of contrast. Visually, it is very shocking, expressively, it is very sci-fi, and psychologically, it is a little depressing. [email protected]'est la vie split the landscape into several pictures and collaged them within the frame formed by high-voltage wires. It is creative, abstract, and quite artistic. [email protected] touch of gold on the sea level "Summer Alone Fishing" Shooting equipment: Honor 30pro + later stage: LR is also a contrast of the big scene and the villain. The two are arranged in a diagonal composition, and the picture is fully utilized, which is similar to the first picture. Than, a little less shocking, but a little more leisurely. [email protected] temple has symmetrical lines, the monk is in the center, and the picture has a focus. Outside the ancient buildings, there are densely populated modern buildings. Comparing the two, there is a sense of transcendence. [email protected] "Umbrella" Honor 20pro late stage: an umbrella, a wall, forming a light and shadow, forming a triangle, an ordinary scene, and a new idea. You see, the triangle is indeed the most stable shape. [email protected] mobile phone Apple The transition of black and white light and shadow in this photo is too smooth, it is the style of lightness photography. The photo is composed of different rectangles as a whole, which makes the picture look quite technological. A person sitting at the railing becomes a clear and eye-catching highlight in the photo. [email protected] Handsome "Street! 》Huawei P20 circle, triangle, rectangle, uncle in silhouette, girl in bright light, each subject plays its own role and becomes part of the puzzle. [email protected] "Habitat" When I saw this photo, I suddenly thought of the bird's nest in Beijing, the same material, the same structure, so this photo, is it more appropriate to call it "Bird's Nest"? [email protected] Xiaomi Mi 11U comes with a mobile phone in the later stage + Spicy Good evening, there is no theme, I just took some pictures recently, please correct me, thank you for the spiral staircase. The lines are very stretched, and the contrast between light and shadow is very prominent. Have a foothold. [email protected]王大凯gr3x That summer, I stood in front of the toilet mirror with you and looked at the pictures of the sea with a very "smell". Well, the taste I said was the one you thought of. The scenery captured in the toilet photo. The two sound like a contrast, adding a touch of humour behind the clever composition. [email protected] A car and a row of cars, I like the intuitive comparison of this order of magnitude, it looks good and easy to understand. Only orange, black and orange are retained in the later stage of the photo, which are the two most commonly encountered colors in night scenes and are very recognizable. [email protected] also has photos of geometric combinations, which are also rectangles and squares, neatly arranged. The large white walls make the photos look clean. [email protected]春来燕"Easy" The typical dislocation photography of Huawei P30, as the so-called weight is light, this photo is like this, and the composition method is also the same. [email protected] shot colored pencils to show the order of colors. The use of blur is very careful, which highlights the subject and conceals the defects of image quality. [email protected] Late stage: snapseed saw the latest issue of the official account and then used Huawei's own filter to shoot the hard image. It should have been shot with nails. If it is not posed, it will naturally fall down. The pattern, that's right, is a bit ingenious. [email protected] Guanshan Tinghai In the shadow of "After the Rain", there is just such a highlight, the characters just appear in the highlight, the reflection is flipped, and the composition is more comfortable. Everything is just right.

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