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Taking space as a canvas, dipped in rich colors, drawing new paintings of space design color aesthetics

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Taking space as a canvas, dipped in rich colors, drawing new paintings of space design color aesthetics

How important is color in space design? Answering this question is actually equivalent to answering "how important is color in painting" and "how important is color in photography". Art is interlinked. In a sense, space design is three-dimensional painting and creative photography. There is no doubt that color is the soul of painting. So it can be said that color is also the soul of commercial space design. Whether it's minimalist black, white and gray, or Mondrian's plaid, countless designers have played with colors in endless new tricks. When people enter a commercial space, 75% of their impressions in the first few seconds come from the color of the space, and then they pay attention to the geometry and various decorations of the space. Therefore, in the design of commercial space, the first impression of color is very important. Using the adjustment function of color to shape the space, make up for the defects of the space itself, and achieve the coordination of space form and color is the ability that every space designer should continue to study. With the development of color aesthetics today, some people have fallen into the misunderstanding that the lower the saturation, the better, the less color the better, and keeping the space clean and transparent is the most important thing. This is of course a form of beauty, but rich colors, as long as they are properly matched, will have another style that low-saturation colors cannot present.

Create a sense of space atmosphere

Highly saturated colors are often rich in expressiveness, and are good at conveying the emotions that space design wants to express. In the words that people often mention, it is to have a "sense of space atmosphere". Whether it is the design of private houses or the design of exhibition halls such as furniture city, or some commercial spaces that need to convey concepts through space design, many will boldly use various high-saturation bright colors to achieve the expected effect.

Highlights of the space

In the space paved with large areas of low saturation, in order to avoid the monotony of the space, space designers often put the The colors of the simmering are scattered as embellishments. In addition to enriching the entire space, this "a little red in the greenery" can often form a strong contrast with the surrounding environment and easily become the visual focus of people. This is a common tactic in situations where you need to highlight the visual center of a space. In today's people's continuous pursuit of high-quality life, commercial space design should be committed to innovation that is not out of the norm. From the perspective of color aesthetics, that is, using the contrast and harmony of colors, the space presents different artistic effects. While ensuring the practicability of the space, give full play to individuality and create a commercial space design with both aesthetic value and use value.

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