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The photographer uses light and shadow to shape the soul of a woman: Tranquility is essential to her creative process

2023-03-25 07:54:54 [the scenery ]
The photographer uses light and shadow to shape the soul of a woman: Tranquility is essential to her creative process

Light and emotion are timeless in the images captured by photographer Martina Matencio. Subtle, sad or melancholy emotions flow through the picture.

A sense of serenity is central to her creative process—allowing her to be drawn to whatever she feels in the moment.

In some contexts, the two lovers take turns taking sexy mirror selfies, in others Matencio captures a red erotic glow on soft skin. The recurring visual patterns of water, reflections and entwined limbs exude a sense of being in love: no matter what the photographer is capturing, however, a sense of tranquility is central to her creative process – allowing her to be drawn to whatever feels in the moment. Martina Matencio is a photographer living and working in Barcelona, ​​known for her very successful Instagram account lalovenenoso, which has more than 223,000 followers. From the age of 16, she experimented with photography, and at the age of 20, photography became her way of life. Her relationship with photography began when she had to care for a child with a mental illness. By photographing him, she discovered that it was the best way to contribute to the world. Martina became a very popular photographer and it was also because of her passion for fashion that she created her clothing line Luna de Marte. In her images, the main subjects are beautiful, ethereal, vulnerable and sensual women, who are always depicted in a predominantly desaturated palette of tones to enhance the lighting of natural light. Feminine beauty, as she believes, resides in all bodies, not in their looks, but in the emotions that radiate from them in an imperceptible way. A particular focus is placed by the artist on the protagonist's eyes, which are often enhanced by beams that accentuate these slightly melancholy women making their weaknesses their strengths. She studied art photography at Serra i Abella, specializing in the use of natural light and the photographic representation of the female body. Through her photographs, she reflects the sophistication of the female soul with lights and shadows. Calmness and serenity are essential to her creative process, and they allow her to be captivated by the way she was shooting at the time. In 2017, she published her first book "Tus ojos, mis manos" (Stendhal Books) with actress Alba Ribas. She has worked internationally in cities such as Los Angeles, London and Japan as well as with brands such as Netflix, Armani, Vogue or Lula Japan. Martina Matencio loves to see life appear in her shots, she has her own business called "Luna de Marte" which combines her two pleasures: fashion and photography. She sells vintage clothing using photography as a medium. Regarding her diverse photographs, she explains: "I love taking pictures of people nostalgic, capturing their essence. Martina only uses natural light, which allows it to create a more mysterious sense of sophistication and vulnerability in her work. .I never use flash, I prefer to use natural light, sunlight, while making the scene more mysterious and natural. I'm always looking for new people, new faces to photograph.

All of me The works have a very delicate and fragile air, and these are probably the key to my photos, my style.

In her work, Matencio deftly extracts the essence and delicacy of the soul, with all its contradictions and Dichotomies: light and shadow, cheerful sadness, calm and passion. In 2017, the photographer published her first book "Tus ojos, mis manos (Stendhal)" with actress Alba Ribas. She has worked in Los Angeles, London Working with cities such as Japan and brands and publications such as Netflix, Armani and Vogue. Let us witness the visual world of photographer Matencio in the natural gentle light and shadow of intimacy, longing, vulnerability, and playful embrace and care .


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