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PS heavyweight update, the most "fool" mask in history, Xiaobai will also use it

2023-03-25 08:40:05 [Share Photography ]
PS heavyweight update, the most "fool" mask in history, Xiaobai will also use it

Before, what I shared most with you about retouching was snapseed, nothing else, one was simple, the other was simple, and the third was simple. Take the mask as an example, it's not too easy to apply a smear. In terms of layer adjustment, it seems that there is really nothing more convenient than it. You may say that PS retouching is more professional, yes, but the layer adjustment of PS is a little more complicated than the snapseed operation steps. So, I haven't shared it with you all the time. But today, I have to say it. Because of the best plugin for PS, camera raw (ACR) was updated to version 14.4 last month. To say it's an epic buff would be an understatement. Because of ACR, the mask is also added. And, it's a "dumb mask". How foolish? I first opened this photo with PS, clicked on the filter, selected camera raw, entered acr, clicked on the right, and selected the mask tool. In the Create New Mask tool, there are options such as "Select Sky" and "Select Body". I click to select the sky first, and I can see that even a small irregular sky in the woods can be accurately identified (the red part). Then, we can make relevant adjustments based on this range. Next, I select "Select Subject", and the character is instantly pulled out. Note that the name of this option is "Select Subject", which means that the subject does not have to be a human being, nor does it have to be a living being. thing. It will intelligently analyze your photos and cut out what you think is the subject. For a light and shadow party like me, I prefer its "by brightness range" selection mask. For example, in this photo: I select the option "Brightness Range", place the coordinate point on the bright part, and then adjust the range, so that the parameters of the highlight part can be precisely adjusted. Then, it is easy to call up works with a sense of light and shadow contrast. Then, let's talk about the add and subtract functions of the mask! This one is more foolish. When any mask is created, additional additions and subtractions can be made to the mask, in addition to smearing with a brush, like in the photo just now, what I hope is to adjust the ground highlights, but the highlights of the sky are also affected by selected. Then, I can choose "Remove Sky" in the options, then the highlights of the sky will be removed. Comprehensive experience, this mask is simpler, smarter and more powerful than snapseed. Hurry up, it's worth it.

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