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The song of Lushan, the beauty of heavy industry

2023-03-25 07:51:07 [Light ]
The song of Lushan, the beauty of heavy industry

The history of China Heavy Industry's entrepreneurship, intelligent manufacturing starts from the foothills. Weicheng Weicheng is a lonely and brave person, and the craftsman spirit is the most powerful. The transformation of heavy industry is painful, and the bottom of the trough is overcome. Climbing the heights bravely has experienced hardships, and the manufacture of great powers will not give up. Scientific research breaks out the dream of the future, and insists on interpretation. The broad picture is redrawn, and innovative works find joy. A magnificent symphony, full of passion to join state-owned enterprises. The positive energy of the excellent drama, the song of the times is of high grade. 2022.9.17 Note: CCTV drama "Song of Lushan" tells that under the tide of intelligent manufacturing transformation, Lushan Heavy Industry, a state-owned listed company, faced difficulties, adhered to its main business, bravely competed with the world's construction machinery giants, and finally realized innovation and wisdom. A story of creation and rebirth. The play takes the transformation of China's industrial manufacturing industry as the theme, with distinctive characters as the foundation, the era as the stage, and the dramatic crisis of where the manufacturing industry is heading. On the other hand, it has created a group of lively and vivid characters from provincial leaders, chairman of state-owned enterprises to scientific and technological personnel, skilled workers, ordinary craftsmen, etc. The narrative is smooth, the production is excellent, the performance is lively, The lines are full of life and can be said to be an innovative work of industrial drama. (The picture comes from the Internet) Wei Cheng Fang Ruizhou Wei Chong Zhi Dong Mengshi, Fang Fei Fang Ruizhou, Wei Cheng Jin Yanzi, Wei Cheng

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