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Appreciation of 26 winning works of the 2022 Bird Photographer of the Year International Photo Contest

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Appreciation of 26 winning works of the 2022 Bird Photographer of the Year International Photo Contest

Bird Photographer of the Year 2022 International Photo Contest, a global photography competition focused on bird photography is fully open to a wide range of photography bird hunters, "stubborn professionals, enthusiastic amateurs with the latest kit, or just a camera phone Or the hobbyist of small compact cameras". From more than 20,000 submissions, an expert jury selected the most incredible photos celebrating bird life from around the world.

2022 Overall Winner and Bird Photographer: "Rock Ptarmigan" by Erlend Haarberg

Erlend Haarberg's 2022 Bird Photographer's The overall winner was "Rock Ptarmigan Flight" by Erlend Haarberg. His image also won a Gold Award in the category "Environmental Birds". Haarberg won the £5,000 top prize and the prestigious title.

About Bird Photographer of the Year

is a global photography competition: a celebration of the beauty and diversity of birds , also a tribute to the flexibility and quality of today's modern digital imaging systems. The top prize is £5,000, along with many other prizes including camera equipment from Olympus, binoculars from Swarovski Optics and more. Attention to Detail Category: Andy Pollard's Sleeping Beauty (Gold) Andy Pollard has never had a competition of this size, purely to spark interest in photographing one of the most interesting and fascinating areas of natural history and enthusiasm. In recent years, the advent of digital technology has revolutionized photography, and some fantastic images, of a quality impossible in the age of cinema, are now proliferating on the Internet for millions of people to view.

Competition Category

  • Best Portrait;
  • Environment birds;
  • bird behavior;
  • birds in flight;
  • Black & White;
  • Urban Birds;
  • Conservation (single image);< /li>
  • Comic Bird Photos;
  • Conservation Awards;
  • Portfolio Award; or
  • Young Bird Photographer of the Year
  • Video Award.
  • Bird Photographer of the Year is a competition that will attract a wide crowd. Whether you're a committed professional, an avid hobbyist with the latest kit, or a hobbyist with a camera phone or small compact camera, you have the chance to get reviews from leading experts, win prizes, and appear in amazing 's coffee table book, perhaps on display in the traveling BPOTY exhibition. Who knows, you might just be our next 'Bird Photographer of the Year' and win £5,000. Black and White Category: Paweł Smolik's "Guardian of Mordor" (Silver) Paweł Smolik competition is open to residents of any region and participants of all ages. There are eight categories to enter, plus additional special prizes that offer plenty of chances to win. The contest is open to anyone wishing to submit anything from a single image to a broad portfolio.

    2022 Bird Photographer of the Year Award Winners

    Young Bird Photographer of the Year Category (Gold) Ages 14-17

    Facing the Storm by Levi Fitze Ages 14-17: Pied Avocet Chick by Tamás Koncz-Bisztricz (Silver) Tamás Koncz-Bisztricz 8 and under: "How are you?" Arjun Jenigiri

    Young Bird Photographer of the Year category ( Silver) Age 9-13

    13: "Droplets" by Parham Pourahmad (Gold) Parham Pourahmad 13: Andrés Luis Domínguez Blanco "Shadows" (Silver) Andrés Luis Domínguez Blanco The judges were looking for technical excellence, images with interesting compositional elements, and images that were consistent with what the photographer saw when the photo was taken. Look for unique images that tell a powerful story, or show birds in a new, perhaps unseen way.

    Black and White Category: Between Two Worlds (Gold) by Henley Spiers

    < h1 class="pgc-h-arrow-right" data-track="6">Black and White Category: "Summer of Seabirds" by Rachel Bigsby (Finalist)Rachel Bigsby

    Black and White Category: "Portrait of King Penguin" by Rafael Armada (Finalist)

    Urban Birds Category: "Gonzo" by Laszlo Potozky (Silver)

    Urban Birds Category: "Industrial Shadows" by Brian Matthews (Finalist)

    Creative Imagery Category: "Smoke Screen" by Kathryn Cooper (Finalist)

    Kathryn Cooper

    Bird Behavior Category: Simon D "Peacebird Silhouette" by 'entremont (Bronze)

    Simon D'entremont

    Bird Behavior Category: Kathy Wade's "Face" -Off" (Finalist Award)

    Kathy Wade

    Bird Behavior Category: "Which is Number One?" David Par Ding (David Pattyn) (Finalist)

    The David Pattyn organizing committee saw a wide variety of creative ideas from photographers, with exciting changes in lens choices, styles and themes. "This makes the exhibit broad and diverse."

    Birds in the Environment: Mario Suarez Porras )'s "Free as a Bird" (Bronze)

    Attention to Detail Category: Sue Dougherty's "Diamond Beads" (Bronze) Award)

    Birds in flight category: "Starling At Night" by Mark Williams (Silver)


    Birds in flight category: "Into The Sunset" by Patrick Coughlin (Finalist)

    Conservation Awards Category

    This category sees images that tell a story about conservation efforts or the struggle of a particular species. Winner - Ewan Heath-Flynn, UK (Gold) 'Bird Assassination' The Mediterranean is an important maritime crossing point for birds using the Afro-Eurasian flight route. For birds to successfully reach their breeding and wintering grounds, stopovers are essential for them to rest and refuel. In the heart of the Mediterranean Sea is Malta. With 170 permanent immigrants recorded here every year, the location is a perfect stopover. However, long-distance migration using the Africa-Eurasia route has declined over the past 30 years, and hunting is a contributing factor. Each year, an estimated 110-36 million migratory birds are illegally hunted or captured in the Mediterranean region. Malta is recognized within the EU as a contributor to this, with the highest density of hunters per square kilometer.

    Creative Imagery Category:

    "Van Gogh's Stork" (Gold) by Petro Katerynych, "Van Gogh's Stork" by Janine Lee Fishy Business" (Silver Award) The following contest rules ("Rules") constitute the terms and conditions of the Bird Photographer of the Year contest ("Contest"). By submitting an entry, you agree to abide by the following rules:

    Ethics and Conduct

  • None With one exception, you shall comply with this condition 4 and adhere to the following Code of Ethics. Any violation of these ethics rules will be considered a violation of the rules and may result in your disqualification from the competition.
  • Entries must not deceive viewers and/or distort the realities of the natural world. Subtitle information must also be correct, accurate and truthful.
  • Entrants shall not:
  • injure, torture or damage animals for photographic purposes;
  • Intentionally disturbing or frightening animals, including the use of drones and/or other aircraft;
  • The act of using tape bait or lures to attract or lure animals.
  • The practice of "live bait" is strictly prohibited. For the purposes of this rule, live bait means the provision of live animals as prey to attract other animals or induce any other behavioral behavior from other animals. Other methods of luring animals, including the use of bird species, must be declared in the title of the entry.
  • Close work near the nest (such as photography with wide-angle lenses and/or flash) is discouraged, but if necessary permission is detailed in the image description and provided to the competition on request , is allowed. What is an appropriate permit will be determined on a case-by-case basis by Bird Photographer of the Year.
  • If working with protected species, the necessary permits must be detailed in the picture captions and provided to the competition upon request. What is an appropriate permit will be determined on a case-by-case basis by Bird Photographer of the Year.
  • Bird Photographer of the Year reserves the right to cancel any entry it suspects has not been fully disclosed or the method employed by the entrant is judged to violate the Code of Ethical Conduct set forth in Section 4 s right. It is up to the entrant to ensure that the relevant permission has been obtained when taking pictures on private land.

  • Disclaimer: Respect for originality, and the pictures and texts contained in the manuscripts are for the purpose of public welfare. Due to the use of non-original content on this site, the content such as pictures and text cannot be contacted with the copyright owner one by one, and the original editing is for the purpose of simply learning and sharing. Contact to delete, all rights reserved, please indicate the source when reprinting.

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