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The first person in Japanese hyper-realistic painting

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The first person in Japanese hyper-realistic painting

The hyper-realistic paintings of Japanese painter Yasuji Oka are delicate and realistic. He is the first person in Japan's hyper-realistic paintings and is known as the Cold Army of Japan. Yasushi Oka is known for his good painting of young girls. The girls in his works are dignified, elegant and noble. A young and handsome hyper-realist painter born in the 1980s. He has extremely high realism skills. He is also well-known in the Japanese painting world. Yasushi Okay, a Japanese hyper-realist painter, was born in Aichi, Japan in 1983. He created The oil paintings are mainly Japanese women, and the pictures are realistic and have a strong visual impact. His hyper-realistic works are delicate and realistic. He is known as the first person in Japanese hyper-realistic painting, Yasushi Oka, who is known for his good painting of girls. Compared with the works of other realist painters Yasuji Oka, the most outstanding thing is that it can properly express the temperament and beauty of female characters, and there is an extreme tenderness and dreamlike mood in it. The pure shyness and shyness of Japanese girls gently pin her hair to her ears. After bowing her head and smiling, her eyes flowed as if time had stopped. In this work, Yasushi Oka chose a model with a modern aesthetic, but a girl in classical clothes bowed her head and looked like she had a childhood hairpin in her hair. She had the feeling of a pure girl next door. A serene and natural beauty of human beings, of course, apart from the thought of the paintings, hyperrealism is a major feature of Yasushi Oka. We magnified Yasushi Oka's work 10 times and we can see the effect at a glance. The description of the light and shade of the girl's face is made The silk is lubricated, and each hair seems to be drawn with a single stroke. The eyebrows are clearly drawn. The details are also carefully handled. For example, the flowers on the girl's clothes are combined with the folds of the clothes. It is almost invisible. The difference between the clothes and the real clothes. He used extremely delicate brushwork to draw the beauty of Japanese girls. Every stroke is delicate to the extreme. Even the texture of the pattern needles and threads embroidered on the clothes are very real. Yasuji Okay's works also reveal a classical complex picture. It is very retro, and the characters are very detailed. Every character is gentle and generous, and tender like water. The delicate faces of the girls are clearly visible, and the hair is clearly visible, which makes people's heart beat faster. [painting steps]

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