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Russian painter Abakumov landscape oil painting

2023-03-31 01:27:02 [Light ]
Russian painter Abakumov landscape oil painting

Nature reigns supreme in Abakumov's art - in the quiet, warm nights he depicts, the woods are adorned with the last rays of the setting sun , the glittering snow, the green world purified by the rain bath, the white walls of the monastery seen through the spring verdant... all of this is deliberately imbued with a subtle, quivering poetry. --Foreword

Mikhail Georgievich Abakumov Mikhail Georgievich Abakumov Russian painter, (1948-2010) In his own words, Abakumov aimed to convey "God's the beauty of the world" and hoped that his paintings "exude a life-affirming symphony of cheerful sounds of color". Despite varying moods and content, he constantly strives to convey the irreparability of every moment in life and the universal necessity to appreciate these glorious moments. Above all, his paintings depict the sublime inner state of the soul's search for earthly happiness while the Russians rejoice in heaven. Mikhail Georgievich Abakumov (1948-2010), People's Artist of Russia, winner of the Gold Medal of the Russian Academy of Arts. Russian media described Abakumov as "the best Russian landscape painter", "the golden pen of Russia" and "a living classic". Abakumov was a professor at the Moscow Academy of Fine Arts (Surikov Academy) and trained many powerful masters of modern art.

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