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Home props to help you take atmospheric photos

2023-03-25 08:37:43 [Light ]
Home props to help you take atmospheric photos

First prepare vases, flowers, a piece of black cloth, chairs, table lamps: you can choose flowers if you have the conditions, because only fake flowers are found due to the conditions, so the effect may be worse. »Place the flower about 1.5 meters away from the curtain; »Put the desk lamp on the flower, let the light shine diagonally; »Turn off all the lighting in the room, only turn on the desk lamp; »Place the camera behind the curtain; the schematic diagram is as follows: First, take a photo from the front and try to see the effect: Shooting effect: Because it is taken with frontal lighting and the flower is a fake flower, the flower gives a sticky feeling and lacks three-dimensional effect. This is very similar to using a camera's built-in flash. Next, adjust the angle to shoot, and light from 45° to create a side light effect: the effect of the shot is obviously much better: there are shadows on the petals, and there is a three-dimensional effect! By irradiating the subject with light at an angle of 45°, a three-dimensional effect can be created. When shooting flowers, still lifes, and documentary subjects, you can use a lot of side light to shoot, so that the atmosphere presented by the photos will be stronger. Next, continue to change the angle and light from the 90° direction: Shooting effect: Only the right half of the light can illuminate the photo. This lighting method is more common in the shooting of some atmospheric portraits, commercial shooting, e-commerce photos, etc. But shooting flowers is not so good. Next try lighting from behind to create a backlit effect: Shot Effect: Add highlights to the outline of the flower, emerging like a silhouette for a fantastic photo! This is called "backlighting"! This can be seen when shooting many subjects. Photography is an art of using "light", and sometimes the photo is half the battle with good light. If you are not sensitive enough to light, then I suggest that you create artificial lights at home like this to experience the effects of light from different angles.

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