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The surreal dream that will be destroyed after the exhibition is actually built by hand

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The surreal dream that will be destroyed after the exhibition is actually built by hand

A black and white photo often symbolizes a past time; a mass of crumpled and deformed paper often symbolizes an erupted emotion. These clearly directed "frames" are reduced by modern people into different creative templates, which are applied to photos or videos, so as to give precise instructions to the audience such as "it's time to cry" or "it's time to laugh". However, the more instructions and the less thinking, the meaning that the creator really wants to express is annihilated in these exquisite packages and becomes a sigh of the soul. Fortunately, there are "scarce animals" like Li Zhiying, who are willing to jump out of the box, reject all delicate digital packaging methods, and use their own hands to build the inner world into a surreal scene, allowing the viewer to be there and truly connect with the scene. Her soul resonates. Korean Multimedia Artist Jee Young Lee (Jee Young Lee) 01 Lee Ji Young's "Atypical" Art Life When he was a child, Lee Ji Young's home was always full of oil paintings drawn by his mother. A young girl has the idea of ​​becoming an artist when she grows up. Li Zhiying's work "Secret Garden" (Secret Garden) However, when she was admitted to the university to choose a major, she graduated from the oil painting department and regarded her failure to become an artist as a lifelong regret, but persuaded her to choose design instead of fine arts, because the former The future development space is broader. Li Zhiying's work "The Best Cure" (Best Therapy) Li Zhiying accepted it ignorantly, and used her spare time to intern in a film and television post-production company. However, the development of things went against the expectations of her parents. Although this internship experience allowed Li Zhiying to gain a lot of experience in making sets and props, it also made her realize that her current career cannot allow her to fully utilize her creativity. It seems that A stable future does not make him look forward to it. So, Li Zhiying followed her inner desire and returned to her original dream - to become a real artist. "Panic Room" (Panic Room) "Food chain" by Lee Ji-young The studio of woman Li Zhiying is only 4 square meters, which is pitifully small for an artist, but it doesn't matter, her imagination is infinite. For Li Zhiying, this studio is not only a creative base, but also an exclusive spiritual universe. "Toxic Boy" (Poisoned Boy) Here she "stares at herself", analyzes the motive behind every desire to express, and then uses the simplest materials to polish every detail by hand with extraordinary patience, transforming the magical and beautiful inner world Converted to real-world scenarios for visualization. "This Is Not Enough" (yet, not enough.) What is even more commendable is that because Li Zhiying refuses any digital processing, these works have an even more amazing appeal: it is hard to believe that this seems to only exist in a dream The picture turned out to be a real scene, which gave birth to a regret that I couldn't see it with my own eyes, because Li Zhiying's works are all created based on the studio, and every time a new creation is made, Li Zhiying must destroy the present His works, this form of "destroy after exhibition", also aggravates the shocking power of the works in terms of meaning. "Resurrection" (resurrection) lotus, this kind of flower that blooms at sunrise and buds at sunset, has many metaphors such as sanctification, purification, and rebirth in Asian culture. Li Zhiying used hand-painted lotus leaves and dry ice to create fog to create a dream-like lotus pond: the dark and quiet bottom, the lotus leaves stretch in clusters, and the lotus blooms toward a light from the water surface. And a bewildering and graceful woman was reborn from this largest and most beautiful lotus flower and gained a rebirth. This holiness without a trace of dust forms a strong contrast with the dark and deep water bottom. This work is inspired by the traditional Korean folk tale "Simcheong". According to legend, Shen Qing made himself a sacrifice to the sea in order to restore his sight to his blind father, and sank himself into the desolate sea called Yintangshui. Li Zhiying combined her state of mind when she was surrounded by negative emotions, and keenly captured the anger and pain of the protagonist in the objective reality from this great story, so she hoped that she could be reborn in the face of adversity. A work that is bizarre but full of meaning. "The Little Match Girl" (The Little Match Girl) The little match girl in Andersen's writings was frozen to death on the street on the New Year's Eve where the rich and family were happy and celebrating, but in the hands of Li Zhiying, The little girl got the perfect ending that a fairy tale should have. The walls are painted into a blue sky, and the floating cotton is a white cloud and a soft blanket underneath. The matches scattered on the ground are the second key of fate that Li Zhiying gave to the little girl: the fire of a single star, which can be extinguished in an instant or ignite a raging flame. Quietly annihilated, or as enthusiastic as arson, the choice of fate is in your own hands. "I'll Be Back" (I will be back) a hand, struggling upward from the huge vortex of countless paper fans, trying to grasp the rope of hope that fell from the sky. This piece was inspired by some Korean proverbs, such as drowning people grab straws, and behind every cloud there is a ray of hope. All the paper fans are hand-painted by Lee Ji-young, and the characters' hands and the ropes hanging from above express the despair of the situation, but also the hope of the human will. Li Zhiying expressed to people with her own experience: If you are in a quagmire at the moment, in addition to holding on to hope, you should strive to save yourself, so that you can break through the shackles and survive in a desperate situation. "My Chemical Romance" (My Chemical Romance) The orange water pipes are intricately intricate, like a microcosm of the modern industrial society. The steam that erupts from time to time is full of uncertainty, like a capricious relationship. Trapped in it, is it the woman we can see at a glance, or the black dog that is almost integrated with the slash pattern in the lower left corner? "Broken Heart" (Broken Heart) flowing egg liquid, hard stone, and futile people. Li Zhiying constructed a real landscape of "hitting the stone with an egg" with a very tense expression technique, expressing the deep sense of powerlessness of human beings in vain in the face of an irresistible fate. "Monsoon Season" (Monsoon Season) In the summer of 2010, Li Zhiying's studio was flooded by torrential rain. She felt inspired and built "Monsoon Season": tiny humans try to cross the pink ocean, but the so-called pink ocean is actually Swarms of poisonous sea anemones. This early work also reflects Li Zhiying's pessimistic inner spiritual world in the early days of becoming an artist. "Last Supper", "Last Supper", "Last Supper", "Last Supper", "Over sleeping" (oversleep) The mouse and cockroach that only dared to covet and sneak in on weekdays became the protagonist in Li Zhiying's scene. They are the robbers who dare to snatch your dinner with you, the invaders who launch the offensive while you are asleep. 03 A creation is a soul training In Li Zhiying's view, every creation is a soul training. You need to look directly into your heart, break down desires and emotions into specific motives, and then overcome all impetuousness. Hand-carved to perfection in every detail. Therefore, every time Li Zhiying completes a work, Li Zhiying seems to have been reborn, those past memories are decisively eliminated, and the emptied mind can once again briefly accept the depression from society and the setbacks of life. "Flu" (flu), "The Last Unflowering Tree" (the last tree that won't bloom), "Wandering Star" (Wandering Star) Lee Ji-young is sincere, although each work goes through a short exhibition period, There is only one photo left to prove that they existed, but she still refuses any digital processing, so that the audience can applaud the absurdity and wonder just by looking at the photos; "Alice's Garden" 2005 (Alice's Garden) "Alice's Garden Vol. 2" (Alice's Garden 2.0) Li Zhiying is also kind, and her kindness is reflected in "not presupposing any emotional instructions", each work is just a visual presentation of Li Zhiying's personal thoughts, and does not impose special meanings. She is only responsible for realizing her own imagination, and the right to think is still in the hands of the audience. "The Moment" (at this moment), "La Vie En Rose" (Rose Life), "Loveseek" (Looking for Love) Li Zhiying is also kind, and her kindness is reflected in "not presupposing any emotional instructions". They are just visual presentations of Li Zhiying's personal thoughts, and do not impose special meanings. She is only responsible for realizing her own imagination, and the right to think is still in the hands of the audience. "Maiden Voyage" (First Voyage of a Girl) Finally, I hope more and more people can pay attention to this amazing artist, and more and more audiences can wake up from the "art packaging" and regain their emotional control. . Some pictures in this article come from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact the author to delete it. Editor丨zhizhiTypesetting丨zhizhi

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