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The first Chengdu International Photography Week 2022 will be held in November this year

2023-02-06 19:56:49 [Photoes ]
The first Chengdu International Photography Week 2022 will be held in November this year

On August 25, the 2022 first Chengdu International Photography Week press briefing was held in Chengdu. It is reported that it is guided by the Propaganda Department of the CPC Chengdu Municipal Committee, co-sponsored by Chengdu Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Culture, Broadcasting and Tourism, Chengdu Radio and Television Station and other units, and co-organized by Chengdu Art Museum, Chengdu Contemporary Video Museum, Chengdu Photographic Artists Association and other units. The first Chengdu International Photography Week will be held in Chengdu from November 18th to 24th this year. The press briefing on-site map, Secretary-General of the Organizing Committee, Tang Xueshen, made a speech. Art Director Zhong Weixing made a speech. Chief Curator Wang Qingsong made a speech. Prospects and Common Rong" as the theme. Tang Xueshen, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of Chengdu Photographic Artists Association (Secretary General of the Organizing Committee), Wang Dajun, Consultant of China Photographers Association (Art Consultant), Zhong Weixing, Vice Chairman of China Art Photography Society (Art Director), and famous contemporary video artist Wang Qingsong (Chief Curator) People) will lead the planning of the whole case, and the design arrangements of activities and exhibitions will fully reflect artistry, diversity, academics and internationality. Video loading... 2022 Chengdu International Photography Week Promotional Video 01 Video Event Boosts the Construction of a World Cultural City A park city demonstration area and a world famous cultural city that practice the new development concept. Chengdu International Photography Week is the first large-scale art event held by Chengdu in the form of an international photography week. It makes full use of the extensive, high-end and high-quality international image resources and advantages accumulated locally, such as the Chengdu Contemporary Image Museum and the Chengdu International Cultural Exchange Center. A curatorial team composed of domestic and foreign video curators Wang Qingsong, Jean-Luc Monterosso, Guo Ji, Zhao Xiuwen, Xiao Feige, Cao Tie, Dong Yunhui, Yuan Rongsun, Cheng Jiwei, Chen Xinyu, etc., were invited to professionally design and design the exhibition activities. Implement and organize top international and domestic video works to be exhibited in Chengdu. In addition, high-end summits will be held by designing forward-looking and academic topics to create a platform for image exchange and mutual learning, fully demonstrating the international, professional and academic nature of this photography week. This is another new measure for Chengdu to build a world-famous cultural city and create a shining city cultural name card in recent years. While meeting the cultural needs of the people and creating a social artistic atmosphere, it also cultivates and enhances citizens' image aesthetic ability, and celebrates the "Second Party of the Party". The "Ten Ten" was successfully held, showing China's cultural confidence and mission to the world, presenting a sample of park cities with a happy and beautiful life, and helping our province to build a strong cultural province in the new era. 02The design arrangement combining the "Prospect·Together Prosperity" event and exhibition This photography week covers two major parts: activities and exhibitions, and specially created a series of themed activities of "Prospect·Together Prosperity". The exhibition is divided into four units, including famous artists Nine themed exhibitions with classic collections and seven parallel exhibitions with different styles. The setting of the event echoes the theme of the first Chengdu International Photography Week "Images: Prospects and Prosperity", including the opening ceremony, the Chengdu International Photography Summit, the China Video Collectors Summit, and the Forum of Famous Chinese Photographers. This will be the most professional and high-quality imaging summit forum created in Chengdu, to jointly discuss the frontier topics of imaging, improve the academic level and professional influence of the photography week, and establish the height of the first Chengdu International Photography Week. The exhibition part is composed of four units: "Exotic Regions with Same Frame", "Chinese Same Origin", "Tianfu Same Screen", and "Rong Yao Walking Together", mainly from the United States, Brazil, Spain, Japan, France, Finland, South Korea and other countries The works of top representative photographers from different regions and countries will be exhibited in the exhibition. At that time, nearly 2,000 photographic and video works by more than 20 international photographers and more than 900 domestic photographers will be exhibited in the exhibition space of nearly 10,000 square meters. Bringing a diversified and international artistic visual feast. It is worth mentioning that the nine themed exhibitions that bring together the classics of famous artists will include the "Celebration" of the "Exotic and Same Frame" unit - William Klein's First Exhibition in China, "Tribute to Classics" - Zhu Xianmin Photography Art Exhibition, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Bernard Faucon - French Postmodern Photography Master Works Exhibition, the 2nd Golden Panda Photography Art Award-winning Works Exhibition, and the International Photography Master Art Exhibition were exhibited in Chengdu Contemporary Image Museum. The Chinese contemporary video art exhibition and the famous Chinese photography exhibition of "China's homology" will be exhibited at the Chengdu Art Museum. The Tianfu famous photography exhibition in the "Tianfu same screen" unit will invite the famous photographers in Sichuan to hold a joint exhibition to show the overall photography of Sichuan. strength. The William Klein "Celebration" exhibition is a concentrated presentation of the 94-year-old photographer William Klein's life as a leading figure in the history of photography. The exhibition will present important representative works at different stages of the artist's decades of creative career. At the same time, the exhibition will present the important photographic works of Chinese photographer Zhu Xianmin in the history of Chinese photography, forming a dialogue with William Klein. It is understood that in addition to the traditional static display, there are more contemporary video and video installations in the presentation of the works of this photography week, giving people a different viewing experience. 03Art Link launches seven parallel exhibitions to show the charm of the city. Chengdu is a city with a distinctive character. Its inclusive cultural attributes provide a rich source of inspiration for artistic creation. Many photographic artworks about Sichuan culture will also be exhibited in the first Chengdu International Photography Weekly exhibition series. In addition to the nine themed exhibitions that are mainly held in two professional art galleries, Chengdu Art Museum and Chengdu Contemporary Image Museum, the seven parallel exhibitions launched in this photography week are also worthy of our attention. The Universiade News and Media Center, Chengdu Tianfu Humanities Library and Qingbaijiang Chengxiang Ancient Town will jointly create an atmosphere of art linkage in the whole city, guide the public to pay attention to the Photography Week, and at the same time, the creations of many local artists will be presented. The seven parallel exhibitions of the "Rong Yao Walking" unit have designed the theme photography exhibition of "Celebrating the New Journey of the 20th National Congress", the "Image Chengdu" photography art exhibition, the "Land of Abundance" international photography tour photography exhibition, the "China National Treasure Giant Panda" "Photography Art Exhibition, China's Tibetan, Qiang and Yi Nationality Photography Exhibition, "Impression of Chengdu, Europe and Chengdu Friends of You" - Chengdu International Friendship Cities Photography Exhibition and "Old Chengdu in Images" photography exhibition and other theme exhibitions with Chengdu characteristics. The image exhibition of regional colors and landmark attributes will show the cultural charm and artistic vitality of Sichuan to the public in the international photography art exchange. This will undoubtedly further promote the development of video art in Chengdu and even in Sichuan, contribute video power to building a modern international metropolis with global influence and reputation in western China, and continue to spread the charm of Chengdu under the new era of culture to the world. 04Building a strong chain to promote the development of the imaging industry in the form of expositions Photographic equipment is an important part of the achievement of imaging art and the foundation of imaging creation. The first Chengdu International Photography Week also focused on the imaging industry, and planned to organize the first-class suppliers of photographic equipment in the whole chain to hold a photographic equipment exposition, so as to promote the "building a circle and a strong chain" of the city's imaging industry. In order to allow the majority of photography enthusiasts to experience video art in an immersive and scene-based manner, this photography week will design and hold an exposition of high-standard pictures and photographic equipment, and invite related companies in the entire photography industry chain to participate through professional operating agencies, create consumption scenarios, and showcase cutting-edge technology to boost the development of the photography industry. Creating a face-to-face interaction environment between video enthusiasts and video industry manufacturers will not only allow video enthusiasts to have a more comprehensive understanding of the products and cutting-edge imaging technologies in their hands, but also enable manufacturers to fully understand the real needs of the market to promote product innovation and help Build a good image industry ecosystem and product chain, create a win-win situation, and then promote the development of urban culture and art.
The activities and exhibitions of the first Chengdu International Photography Week will be launched in Chengdu Art Museum, Chengdu Tianfu Humanities Library, Chengdu Contemporary Image Gallery, Dongan Lake Universiade News and Media Center, Qingbaijiang Chengxiang Ancient Town and other scenes. This will be a video art event with the best quality, the highest specification, the largest scale and the strongest artistry in Chengdu. We look forward to the first Chengdu International Photography Week in 2022! END
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