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Recruitment | "Giant Panda and Nature" Ya'an Photography Training Camp

2023-03-25 08:37:52 [Retro ]
Recruitment | "Giant Panda and Nature" Ya'an Photography Training Camp

Ya'an, located at the magical 30° north latitude, with mountains, canyons, waterfalls, and seas of clouds intertwined, forests, meadows, etc., are born according to the situation. It is the scientific discovery place, naming place and type specimen production place of giant pandas, and it is a world natural heritage— —The core area of ​​the giant panda habitat in Sichuan, with excellent tourism and photography resources. In order to cooperate with the successful holding of the "Giant Panda and Nature" Ya'an Photography Exhibition and the 19th Sichuan Photography Conference in Ya'an, we will promote Ya'an's unique ecological resources, natural landscapes, tea culture and giant panda culture through photography publicity, and further shape the great The two super IPs of panda and tea culture vigorously promote the tourism propaganda slogan of "Walking to Sichuan Pandas to See Ya'an", and help Ya'an to build "the first city of Sichuan-Tibet Railway and a demonstration city for green development". The organizer will hold the "Giant Panda and Nature" Ya'an Photography Training Camp in Ya'an from August 29th to 31st. Well-known experts in the photography industry will be invited to give lectures and guidance. For enthusiasts who are interested in improving their photography standards, they will provide theoretical learning and field shooting. At the same time, it will hold a shadow friend arena, so that photographers can learn something and make something successful. We sincerely invite photographers from all over the world to sign up and participate actively! Sponsor: China Photographic News Agency, Ya'an Municipal Bureau of Culture, Sports and Tourism Co-organizers: Sichuan Photographers Association, Ya'an Photographers Association Time: August 29-31, 2022 Reporting Location: Holiday Express in Ya'an, Sichuan Hotel (No. 38, Wenhua Road, Yucheng District, Ya'an City) Tel: 010-65251661 Mr. Xue, the beautiful scenery of Niubei Mountain, the team of photographer Dai Feijun, Lin Lu, the lecturer's personal profile, the professor of photography at Shanghai Normal University, and the vice-chairman of Shanghai Photographers Association. He has successively won the 4th and 5th China Photography Awards, the title of Shanghai Deyi Shuangxin Excellent Artistic Worker, and served as the judge of the 11th China Photography Awards. Chen Jianwei's personal profile of the lecturer is the vice chairman of China Forestry Federation of Literary and Art Circles, the chairman of China Forestry Ecological Photography Association, and the Chinese expert member of UNESCO's Man and the Biosphere. Landscape and rivers depend on each other. Huang Chi's training camp schedule will be reported from 14:00 to 18:00 on August 29, and then he will be free to create. Registration location: Holiday Inn Express Ya'an City, Sichuan Province (No. 38 Wenhua Road, Yucheng District, Ya'an City) at 08:40 on August 30 to participate in the opening ceremony of the "Giant Panda and Nature" Ya'an Photography Exhibition (Address: Gaoyi Que Wenbo Park), After the opening ceremony, freelance creation. 19:30 Instructor's lecture and training camp opening ceremony. On the morning of August 31st, at 14:00, the instructor gave a lecture and the closing ceremony of the training camp. The students returned or collected styles and creations in Ya'an. The morning of the tower and the funnel Huang Rongzhong Photographers can get 1. Listen to the special photography lectures of famous tutors, interact with the tutors at zero distance, and make on-site comments on some of the students' works, from which they can gain more insights. 2. Participate in the photo contest, the selected works will be published in the China Photography News, and the application points can be accumulated according to the regulations of the China Photographers Association and the Sichuan Photographers Association. Earth Fingerprint Sheng Xiaobo Photo What students need to do 1. Students do not need to pay tuition, and only those under 65 years old can register. 2. Students should be responsible for the round-trip transportation from the resident station to the training camp venue, and the expenses for accommodation, transportation, medical care, insurance, etc. during the training camp. It is your responsibility to ensure your own safety during the training camp, and the organizer is not responsible. 3. Students should submit the works taken during the activity according to the notification time. 4. Bring photographic equipment and laptops for collection, creation and learning. 5. Register at the check-in and event location, and receive materials. 6. All applicants agree to all the above provisions. Twilight Ya'an City Li Yulong Photo Training Camp Registration Method 1. Register by scanning or identifying the QR code below. Applicants need to provide real information such as real name, age, employer, photography agency (if any), contact number, email address, etc. 2. Deadline for registration: August 26, 2022, the organizer will select the applicants, and notify the selected students before August 27. 3. Scan the QR code to register, and the registration limit is 150 people. Those who have not been selected to become official students are welcome to attend the event. Note: Participants need to have the nucleic acid test results, health code and itinerary code within 48 hours in a normal state. Please click to view the epidemic prevention policies of Ya'an City. Those who comply with the epidemic prevention policies are requested to sign up. Mengding Qiuyun and Peng Lin's photo contest call for papers "Nature" Ya'an Photography Exhibition and the grand photography works of the 19th Sichuan Photography Conference. 2. Honor setting: 20 selected works, the same contributor will not be selected repeatedly. Each submission is limited to 3 pieces, and group photos are not allowed. Photography training camp students and observers can participate. The selected works will be published in the China Photographic Newspaper. According to the regulations of the China Photographers Association and the Sichuan Photographers Association, the membership application points can be accumulated. 3. Submission period: from now until September 3 (submissions must be delivered during this period). 4. Submission method: The submitted works are in JPG format, the pictures are uniformly processed as 600-1000 pixels on the long side, and the file size is controlled within 1MB. file naming. Submission email [email protected] Special note: For the selected works, the organizer will uniformly retrieve the electronic files, and the selected candidates must provide JPG electronic documents of no less than 5MB (Tiff documents must be no less than 50MB, and must contain complete exif data) , the organizer has the right to use the selected works by means of reproduction, distribution, exhibition, projection, information network dissemination, etc. during the copyright period. Contributors should ensure that they are the authors of the submitted works, and have independent, complete, clear and undisputed copyrights for the whole and part of the work; contributors should also ensure that the works they submit do not infringe on third parties including copyright, portrait rights, reputation rights, privacy rights, etc. Contributors shall bear all consequences and responsibilities arising from their manuscripts and submission behaviors. Contributors who have copyright issues, or may seriously mislead the public's cognition and other circumstances that do not meet the requirements of the submission, the organizer has the right to cancel their qualifications. All authors who submit manuscripts are deemed to have agreed to all the provisions of this Call for Papers. 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